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CBS's Evil brings first Season 2 trailer to NYCC, they just have to act it out via Zoom

By Justin Carter
Evil Season 1

Productions are obviously having to get a bit creative during the pandemic — but few have taken advantage of the Zoom era quite this much. With shooting still stalled on the start of Season 2, the cast of CBS's horror hit Evil didn't let that stop them from bringing a sneak peek to the show's panel for New York Comic-Con Metaverse.

Since the show has yet to begin shooting on its new season, the cast of the supernatural drama decided to improvise and act out a preview for what’s to come. “We grabbed scenes from all over the map, and cut it together in this very expensive trailer,” joked co-creator Robert King. While it definitely commits to the serious tone of the series and the actors are performing the lines, it’s also incredibly silly. Aasif Mandvi supplying the music and the trademark “dong!” sound effect is truly hilarious.

Though light on actual footage for the new season, the cast and creators had much to say about what’s to come. The first season introduced us to a demon therapist for Michael Emerson’s Leland, and it’ll be joined by some new entities, one of which is an avenging angel that King provided artwork for. More “scary things” are certainly coming in the next 13 episodes — at his estimation, King narrowed it down to five or six — and the monsters themselves would have a better reason for existing. “We were more intent on having scares that were essential to the plotting of the show,” King said. Whereas the first season’s monsters existed for thematic purposes, this time these scares are directly woven into the show’s plotting.

Fans of Evil love how absurd it can be, and nothing is quite as absurd as Mike Colter's Davis, a priest, having a vision of Kristen (Katja Herbers) hanging out with the devil. The vision is an effective wrench in their relationship, not helped by his upcoming ordination. And as Colter noted, he's not even really sure what to do with the information given. "Does he say something to her, or does he just observe?" Colter mused. Similarly, the Kings likened David and Kristen's relationship to a "romance of the mind," and likened it to the relationship on Good Wife between Josh Charles and Juliana Margulies' characters. 

One episode that’ll hopefully show off the new scares and the romance of the mind will be the series’ first ever silent episode. It was impossible in the Kings’ previous series, but a show about a trio of investigators determining if demons exist? Much easier to work in. “Our three main characters go to a silent retreat because of a possible sainthood of a monk who died there,” King answered. When the trio learn of a legend about a demon held in the monastery who could be let out if a word is uttered, it spells big trouble.

Hopefully it goes better than in A Quiet Place. And who knows, maybe those creepy Buffy the Vampire Slayer monsters from "Hush" might show up? Ok, probably not. But we're still intrigued.

Evil's second season premieres "soon" on CBS. Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix. Click here for more Metaverse coverage from SYFY Wire.