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‘Evil’ trailer teases Season 2 exorcism, reveals premiere date at Paramount+

By Benjamin Bullard

Just days after reports surfaced that Evil would be making the jump from CBS to Paramount+, a new trailer for the series’ much-buzzed second season has emerged. If the show’s supernatural horror vibe has already gotten its devilish hooks into you (like it has us), the new clip teases more of what made Evil’s breakout first outing such a deliciously creepy ride. Better still, it’s all heading our way next month.

Framed against a suitably haunting cover of Björk’s “Hunter,” the terror of realms beyond (not to mention the here and now) stalks pretty much everyone as the new season looks to pick up from Season 1’s cliffhanger. Evil’s first season faded to black as a crucifix scorched onto the hand of Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), all as Dr. Leland Townsend (Michael Emerson) made what feels like a deviously diabolical play for bringing the devil — in the form of seeking to become the subject of an exorcism — to the church’s very doorstep.

Check it out:

Even in dreams, the reaper’s shadow keeps pace with David (Mike Colter), while that long-teased exorcism — or something awfully close to it — gives rise to a new unholy spectacle. Executive producer Robert King pledged earlier this month that the new episodes would pick up the action close to where Evil left off in its Season 1 finale, citing a belief that “chronology is drama” when it comes to delivering effective scares that follow each character’s timeline.

Now that she’s been torched with the flame of an unseen fire, will Dr. Bouchard enter Evil’s next chapter with a newfound belief in the supernatural? Will Leland get more than he bargained for by conning his way into an exorcism? Will it be David who ends up seeing the bigger picture and solving the mystery of how science, religion, and the just plain unexplained can coexist? We’re less than a month from getting some answers: Season 2 of Evil premieres at Paramount+ beginning June 20.

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