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Exclusive: Bloodshot headlines Valiant's 2019 Free Comic Book Day release

By Ernie Estrella
Valiant 2019 FCBD Cover
With a big-time Sony feature film on the horizon, starring Vin DieselBloodshot is about to explode in the mainstream. That means he's going to be the poster boy for Valiant Comics this year, which is evident by their 2019 Free Comic Book Day release, Valiant FCBD 2019 Bloodshot Special. It will feature two exclusive stories: The first is written by Tim Seeley (Shatterstar, Nightwing) with artist Tomás Giorello (King Conan: The Hour of the Dragon, XO-Manowar), featuring Bloodshot. SYFY WIRE has the exclusive preview of this story.
"I wanted to figure out a way to take ol’ Bloodshot back to his core concept, and make the series really feel unique and very specific," Seely exclusively told SYFY WIRE. "This is Bloodshot. This is what he does. This is why. This is his world. But on top of that, I wanted to add lots of big action and ideas – this is an unlimited-budget, action movie! So, what I hope you get is an action comic that’s clear and simple and spare, but also loaded with ideas!
Valiant 2019 FCBD Preview - Bloodshot Preview 2
Even though this is a stand-alone story, readers will get a taste of what Seeley's longview take of Valiant's one-man wrecking crew would be like. One thing we're not going to see is much first-person perspective and instead will see more of how others are affected by Bloodshot as well as. their direct response to him. 

"I kind of hate writing first-person narration," Seeley revealed. "I want you to see what these people think by what they do and how they react to others. And, with Bloodshot specially, we’re talking about a character who is somewhat of a mystery, and I think spending too much time in his head might ruin that a bit."

Valiant 2019 FCBD Preview - Bloodshot Preview 1

Seeley is also leaving plenty of room for the artist to create some chilling atmosphere. For example in the FCBD special, Giorello's rendition of Bloodshot gives off a Terminator-like vibe.

Seeley was also tight-lipped about what Bloodshot is ultimately up against, but in the FCBD story he drops in on a group of individuals calling themselves the "Last Sons of the Flesh," seeds planted in this 12-page story that could sprout up later down the line.

Valiant 2019 FCBD Preview - Bloodshot Preview 3
Now, the other half of the FCBD Special is a prologue to the future of the Valiant Universe in 41st century event story Fallen World, which we revealed in December. It is written by Dan Abnett (Aquaman, Titans) with art by Juan José Ryp (Britannia), which will finally give fans who have been waiting for a new adventure starring Rai something to dive into. The first issue of Fallen World will be released days before the annual Free Comic Book Day event on May 1, so retailers should take notice for people who might be interested in this prologue, to have supplies of Fallen World #1 on hand.
Check out Tomás Giorello's explosive art for the Bloodshot story in this three-page preview of the book. Look for the full free 32-page issue at participating comic book shops across the country on May 4, 2019, featuring a painted cover by Dan Brereton.