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Exclusive: Check out the clawed cover for Ed Piskor's X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction

Ed Piskor X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction cover

Eisner-winning comic book artist, Ed Piskor, will continue to remix the Days of X-Men [Future] Past in the upcoming trade paperback, X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction, whose cover SYFY WIRE can exclusively reveal for the first time below.

"This cover represents the first graphic idea I had when considering this X-Men project. You can say that it was all building to this moment," Piskor tells SYFY WIRE. "The material covered in the pages of X-Tinction are the X-Men comics that are nearest and dearest to my heart (Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee era) but they are not infallible comics and lend well to a fair bit of retooling. When constructing the book I even found the perfect way to get X-Men: Grand Design to fit into the greater canon of X-Men lore. Stay tuned."

Check out the cover below:

Ed Piskor X-Men Grand Design: X-Tinction cover

X-Tinction is a continuation of Piskor's efforts to introduce readers to some of the most iconic X-Men stories in new and concise ways by distilling 30 years of continuity into just six issues and three collections. In January and October of 2018, the two issues of X-Men: Grand Design and X-Men: Grand Design - Second Genesis were respectively collected in similar trade paperback "Marvel Treasury Edition" fashion.

"This project is the culmination of my own 35 years of obsessing over this material. X-Men: Grand Design is a once-in-a-lifetime dream project for me," Piskor told THR in 2017.

According to a tweet from Piskor back in September, X-Tinction will comprise "2 issues and 1 big book for a grand total of 6 issues, and 3 books."

There is no concrete release date for the two X-Tinction issues and Treasury book just yet, but according to the tweet, they will go on sale sometime this year.

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