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Exclusive: Dark Horse announces Aliens: Rescue, the next chapter in the Amanda Ripley saga

By Ernie Estrella
Aliens Rescue Cover

The comic book stories of Amanda Ripley are going to continue, with Dark Horse Comics announcing today the latest chapter chronicling the adventures of Ellen Ripley's daughter. Following the end of Aliens: Resistance, whose second issue (of four) comes out Feb. 27, Aliens: Rescue, a new four-issue mini-series dropping this May, revolves around a mission featuring Alec Brand, the rescued colonist turned Colonial Marine.

Alec won't be alone though, as the popular tag-team of Amanda Ripley and Zula Hendricks will be at his side when he returns to the moon he was rescued from, now fully infested with xenomorphs. The story serves as a continuation from the Resistance story, as there will be plenty of development of Amanda and Zula, and a deeper exploration into the world shaped by Weyland-Yutani. Back to write the series is Brian Wood, who wrote Resistance and its prequel, Aliens: Defiance.

“Between these two series, we’re really expanding the Aliens world, not only cementing Zula’s place in the canon, but introducing new types of synthetics, new aspects to Weyland-Yutani’s drive to exploit xenomorph tech, and rare looks at Earth at the time and the formation of the Colonial Marines," Wood tells SYFY WIRE.

Aliens Rescue #1 Cover

Wood is joined by a new art team that is sure to ground the visuals of the story in a horrifying, tangible environment. “As always, I’m nothing without the team around me, starting with Fox and Dark Horse and to my creative partners. This time it’s penciler Kieran McKeown, inker JL Straw, letterer Nate Piekos, colorist Dan Jackson and cover artists Mack Chater and Roberto De La Torre for transforming my scripts into comics gold,” says Wood.

As with Tristan Jones' artwork on Defiance, and Robert Carey's work on Resistance, McKeown is expected to be an impeccable team on Rescue. Regular covers are by De La Torre, variants by Chater, who is currently working with Wood as the co-creator on their ongoing Viking comic, Sword Daughter.

By the end of Aliens: Rescue, Wood will have written nearly two years worth of Aliens stories. The Colonial Marines are fast becoming a comfortable home for him as he continues to add to the Ripley legacy.

"One of the things I've always enjoyed about the Aliens films is the fact that the heroes are always blue-collar types, relatable workaday people who get sucked into these situations," says Wood. "I liked that about Ripley and the crew of the Nostromo, about her daughter Amanda, and its why I created Zula Hendricks as a hard luck soldier. And in Rescue, we pick up with Alec Brand, the colonist from Aliens: Resistance, who falls in with Amanda and Zula and continues that tradition.”

Aliens: Rescue #1 hits comic shops on May 22.

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