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Exclusive: Dark Horse brings Halo: UNSC Infinity Ship replica to ECCC 2019

By Josh Weiss
Halo: UNSC Infinity Ship Replica

Today, SYFY WIRE exclusively revealed the 18-inch replica of the Halo: UNSC Infinity spaceship from Dark Horse Direct and 343 Industries. The model itself was first debuted to the world on our live stage at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. 

"Built in secret on the outskirts of our solar system at the height of the Human-Covenant War, the UNSC Infinity has become a beacon of hope and exploration in the post-war galaxy," says the official release. "But even with the threat of the Covenant gone, new and dangerous enemies continue to emerge in the Milky Way. There is no better way to protect Earth and her colonies than to bring one of these limited UNSC Infinity ships home!"

According to the Halo website, the UNSC's (aka the United Nations Space Command) Infinity vessel was meant to battle the Covenant. Once the war was over, however, it was designated as a peaceful research craft. It operated in that capacity until coming upon Requiem.

Halo: UNSC Infinity Ship Replica
Halo: UNSC Infinity Ship Replica
Halo: UNSC Infinity Ship Replica

Made out of a heavy duty polyresin, the UNSC ship represents the latest notch in Dark Horse's efforts to bring exclusive Halo-inspired products into personal collections.

Only 500 models were produced, so—if you're interested—you'll want to place your order today right here. This limited edition purchase "without equal" will run you the retail price of $299.99 a pop.

If you're pre-ordering the ship, or are just a die-hard Halo fan in general, head on down to the media gallery below for a more in-depth look at the UNSC replica!