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Exclusive: Young Selina scratches out her identity in DC Ink's new Catwoman OGN, Under The Moon

By Jeff Spry
Catwoman Hero

Gotham City may be the Dark Knight's domain, but Selina Kyle's Catwoman has always cast an alluring shadow over the DC Universe with her indomitable feline spirit and smart-laced sensuality.

DC Ink's young adult offerings this year are providing some original thrills for fans in a series of deluxe, original graphic novel releases which began with last month's aquatic origin, Mera; Tidebreaker.  Now SYFY WIRE scored an exclusive peek at the second title, Under The Moon, which focuses on the daring exploits of a teenage Catwoman as she begins to forge her identity in a metropolis teeming with charismatic villains defending their precious turf.

Catwoman OGN Cover

This striking, violet and black-hued, premium bound graphic novel is written by New York Times-bestselling author Lauren Myracle and adorned with stark artwork by Isaac Goodhart. It tells the story of a blossoming Catwoman as she confronts difficult questions of identity and who she will eventually become while learning to exist on the broken boulevards of Gotham City.

It arrives in comic shops today, then pounces on book stores May 7 and is the newest release from DC Ink, their new Young Adult imprint devoted to telling standalone, out-of-continuity tales featuring DC's roster of gallant heroes written by some of the finest authors in YA fiction.

SYFY WIRE caught up with artist Isaac Goodhart on this Catwoman caper to hear how he acquired the DC Comics gig, his master plan for pulling off the gorgeous painterly art, and how the successful collaboration with Myracle evolved.

“I first linked up with DC through their Talent Development program," Goodhart tells SYFY WIRE. "I flew out to Burbank to spend time at the offices and met a lot of editors with a few other artists. We were there for a little over a week and after some conversations and portfolio reviews, DC decided the new Young Readers line would be a good fit for me."

Catwoman Slice 1

Goodhart was most excited to draw the characters that his parents and he grew up with and explains the style he chose for his provocative panels. 

"I'm beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to add to Catwoman and Gotham lore," he adds. “The art in Under the Moon is heavily inspired by Batman: The Animated Series and the comics I read when I was a teen. My favorite artists growing up were Mark Bagley and Adrian Alphona. Their work was very informative for me and I especially loved the emphasis on acting and expressions in their work.

“Working with Lauren was THE BEST. I loved her take on Selina. She's brilliant at writing dialogue which is great for me because drawing emotive conversations is my favorite part of the job. She's a complete natural at writing comics and the particular idiosyncrasies of the medium. As a collaborator, she's extremely generous and was always open to any suggestion or idea I had.”

Catwoman Slice 2

For a deep dive into DC Ink’s newest YA offering, check out SYFY Fangrrls' exclusive interview with author Lauren Myracle.

Now step into our exclusive preview of Goodhart's beguiling interior art for Under The Moon: A Catwoman Tale in the gallery below and let us know if it acts like catnip to your senses.

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