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Escape: Puzzle of Fear's first trailer traps horror fans in a killer escape room

By Jacob Oller
Escape: Puzzle Of Fear

What is an escape room but a Saw encounter waiting to happen? Heck, Escape Room proved this last year. But, especially as the world continues to be locked down, the horror of a locked door and a tight space is ever-present - and that's without any killers looking to enact revenge lurking in every dark space and corner! What Escape: Puzzle of Fear promises is a film focused on the worst possible situation for fans thinking they could use a little escapism.

Helmed by J. Jones and written by Lizze Gordon, Escape: Puzzle of Fear sees a Hollywood agent getting his comeuppance in bloody, unexpected fashion as he and his friend go on a double date to an escape room. Ah, the halcyon days when getting stuck inside was a public leisure activity. Of course, the escape room isn't what it seems — as the below trailer shows in delicious and varied detail — and, presumably, the date doesn't go too hot.

Take a look:

Starring Omar Gooding (Barbershop), Nicholas Turturro (BlacKkKlansman), Tommy Nash, Aubrey Reynolds, Naina Michaud, Sara Stretton, John Colton, and Lili Bordán, Escape: Puzzle of Fear promises plenty of fun room-to-room problem-solving and killer setpieces when those puzzles (of course) stump the leads. And just check out this poster:
Escape: Puzzle Of Fear poster

Escape: Puzzle of Fear hits DVD and On Demand on Aug. 18.