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SYFY WIRE Into the Badlands

Exclusive: MK embraces the darkness on Into the Badlands

By Carly Lane

There have been many tragedies in the world of Into the Badlands, from precious lives lost to innocence shattered in the wake of a building war — and now, one character, in particular, appears to be embracing their darkness as the show continues towards its final two episodes.

MK's (Aramis Knight) journey has been a complex one over the course of Badlands' three seasons. We've watched him grow up from a young, wide-eyed fighter semi-apprenticed to Sunny (Daniel Wu), to embracing the power of the dark chi that lives inside him to eventually switching sides and joining forces with Pilgrim (Babou Ceesay) — but has that decision cost him everything?

Check out SYFY FANGRRLS' exclusive clip of Monday's new episode, "Requiem for the Fallen," in which MK has (mostly) emerged in one piece after Pilgrim's first confrontation with the Widow and her army but might be making a poor decision to dwell inside his own darkness.

Into the Badlands airs Monday nights on AMC at 10 PM EST.