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SYFY WIRE Day of the Dead

Exclusive clip: The townspeople re-enter the outside world in 'Day of the Dead' Episode 8

Will they live to tell the tale?

By John Albinson
Day Of The Dead Syfy Episode 8

With only three episodes left in Season 1 of SYFY’s Day of the Dead, the pressure is mounting for the residents of the zombie-plagued town of Mawinhawken. We know that you viewers are probably feeling just as nervous as them, so we have an exclusive sneak peek of Episode 8, “To Anyone Who Can Hear My Voice,” just for you.

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Mayor Bowman is in disarray after learning that her son, Cam, and his friend, Luke, have left the Paymart-turned-safety shelter for the zombie-infested outside world. “I want you to keep everyone in this store safe,” she says to fellow local politician Pops Parker. “But I need to get out.” In a heroic turn of events, both Jai and Lauren also volunteer to help her on her quest to rescue her son and any other villager who might be in danger.

Why did Cam and Luke leave the shelter? Will Mayor Bowman, Jai, and Lauren be able to survive on the outside? And just how bad has the outside gotten since we last saw it? 

Check out the exclusive clip before for a first look:

While there may be a shortage of live people in Day of the Dead, there’s certainly no shortage of drama. Be sure to tune in to SYFY on Dec. 3 at 10/9c to see how it all unfolds.