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SYFY WIRE Ready or Not

Exclusive: Ready or Not's Samara Weaving on flipping the script as a badass horror bride

By Carly Lane

In Ready or Not, a typical getting-to-know-the-in-laws scenario soon goes off the rails when a simple game of Hide and Seek is revealed to have slightly more deadly intentions. Newlywed Grace (Samara Weaving) doesn't completely know what to expect now that she's married into the Le Domas family, a self-professed dynasty of wealthy individuals who have made their fortune off of their board game empire — but on the night after her wedding, she realizes she's expected to survive her new family literally until dawn.

When Weaving first read the script, she said that while she noticed that Grace was in danger a lot of the time, it wasn't a story that necessarily painted its heroine out to be more of a helpless victim compared to some of the fictional characters in older horror flicks. "A lot of them, they're crying, screaming, or in every script they use the word 'hysterical.' So I wanted to just put that on its head and make her a badass."

And the creative team knew that Weaving would be the one to sell Grace as a character. "There's a fearlessness to the way that she approaches all of her performances ... and the movie lives or dies by how well that character is portrayed," said co-director Tyler Gillett.

Check out the full clip below, where Weaving and the creative team explain why Grace's evolution over the course of the film makes her a horror heroine to root for.

Ready or Not is now available to own on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD.