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Exclusive Reveal: Winter Soldier probes his secret past in Marvel's 'Devil’s Reign' comics event spinoff

By Trent Moore
Marvel Devils Reign Winter Soldier 2

Marvel Comics’ next big event is all about the Kingpin, and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive reveal for how Bucky Barnes fits into the action of Devil’s Reign ahead of its December release.

Devil’s Reign is being billed as a “classic-style’ Marvel crossover, connecting to several ongoing series and centered on the actions of New York’s favorite Kingpin: Wilson Fisk. The mainline Devil’s Reign event is being handled by writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Marco Checchetto, but it will also have far-reaching effects across other characters and lines. One hero who will definitely be affected? The Winter Soldier.

SYFY WIRE can reveal a first look and announcement for the super-sized one-shot Devil’s Reign: Winter Soldier, written by Kang: The Conqueror creative team of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing, with art by Nico Leon. The one-shot picks up with a power-mad Mayor Fisk gathering information on super heroes, and Bucky fighting to steal back his own file with the information he only half-remembers about his time as the Winter Soldier.

"Chip and Marco's Daredevil has been one of our favorite books on the shelves since its debut, so of course the Hivemind is deeply excited to be contributing to its culmination in Devil's Reign,” Lanzing said in a statement to SYFY WIRE. “Kingpin has never been a more terrifying villain than he is right now - which lets Collin, Nico and I go all-out with a shadow-soaked showdown between Fisk and one of the few fighters alive who might be able to stand against him: Bucky Barnes.”

Kelly noted that, though Bucky is obviously a hero now, he still has decades upon decades of a dark past — with plenty of corners that have yet to be explored. With Devil’s Reign, he noted they have a chance to shine a light on how that past impacts Bucky and drives him toward what’s next. He also teased a looming face-off between Bucky and the Kingpin.
“Just because Bucky's Winter Soldier conditioning was broken by the cosmic cube, doesn't mean he has unraveled all of the secrets of his past,” Kelly told SYFY WIRE in a statement. “When Bucky's quest for those secrets turns the corner to obsession, he'll begin to lose his grip on the waking world... and will find himself at Gracie Mansion, Fisk's home, with a single minded intention: to take back his past. At all costs.”

Marve Comics’ six-part Devil’s Reign event kicks off in December, and look for plenty of tie-ins and fallout to come — including Devil’s Reign: Winter Soldier — at the end of this year and beyond.