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Exclusive: Riot Girls get ready to ride for a deadly rescue mission

By Kristy Puchko

Post-apocalyptic drama, teen angst, and queer love collide in Riot Girls, the feature directorial debut of Jovanka Vuckovic. Inspired by cult movies and the '90s riot grrrls scene, Vuckovic teamed with screenwriter Katherine Collins and producer Lauren Graft to craft a brave new world with plenty of attitude and heart. 

Riot Girls stars Paloma Kwiatkowski (Bates Motel) and Madison Iseman (Annabelle Comes Home) as the eponymous headstrong heroines, Scratch and Nat, who are rocking at the end of the world. Their quiet town of Potter's Bluff has been ripped apart by a heinous, gut-busting plague that's killed off all the grown-ups. Left to their own devices, the teens take over, splitting the town into two rival factions.

The West Side is run by ruthless jock Jeremy (Munro Chambers), who uses the local high school as a fortress, the school mascot of the Titans as a fearsome tribe name, and its varsity athletes as an army of violent bullies. On the East Side, scrappy Jack (Alexandre Bourgeois) plays Robin Hood, stealing what he can from the West to feed the children under his care. But when a supply run goes awry, Jack is captured by wrathful Titans. So it's up to his little sister Nat (Iseman) and her girlfriend Scratch (Paloma) to come to save the day and Jack's life.

In the following clip exclusive to SYFY, Nat and Scratch get on their bikes and prepare for a rescue they realize might be a suicide mission — but making their chances a wee bit better is West Side defector Sony (Lost in Space's Ajay Friese), who knows the rules, roads, and ways of Titan territory.

Following its North American premiere at Fantasia International Film FestivalRiot Girls hits select theaters and On Demand on September 13.

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