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Exclusive: Suit up for our early look at Dark Horse's prequel comic for Bioware's sci-fi shooter, Anthem

By Jeff Spry
Anthem Hero

You might already be charged up over BioWare's awesome new Anthem video game ads featuring a posse of mech-suited soldiers amped for battle as Ozzy's "Crazy Train" plays, but now prep yourself for a tie-in Anthem prequel comic from Dark Horse. SYFY WIRE is leaping into the crazy combat with an exclusive peek inside the debut issue.

Anthem, the video game, officially launches Feb. 22 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, but you can blast into the Javelin exo-suit chaos two days earlier with the first chapter in Dark Horse Comics' frenetic miniseries based on the action-adventure RPG.

Written by Alexander Freed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Mac Walters (Mass Effect: Foundation), with vivid art by Eduardo Francisco (Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse), Anthem #1 is the perfect three-part companion to BioWare's highly anticipated game, a project touted as six years in the making.

Anthem Cover

Set within the intricate Anthem universe, the plotline begins as Kismet's family is suddenly ambushed while traversing the continent between settlements. The frightened orphaned boy is rescued by Yarrow, one of the badass exosuit-clad commandos known as Freelancers. Now he and his adoptive sister, Jani, must unite to help craft a future for themselves and the rest of humanity on a hostile planet defined by danger.

Missing media item.

"With the Anthem comics, I wanted to explore the unique aspects of the world of Anthem … but through the eyes of those living in this unfinished, chaotic place," co-writer Mac Walters tells SYFY WIRE. "I wanted to answer the question, what would it be like to grow up in this world of technology and magic? A world with powerful elements at play that are so far beyond our comprehension that they are unknowable. How would that shape you? What choices would you make?
"I also wanted an opportunity to showcase a different side of some of the characters from the game. So we can see their origin stories, and learn what makes them tick."

Anthem Slice 1

March into our exclusive preview of Dark Horse Comics' Anthem #1 and tell us if you'll seek salvation in this world of magical science when the first issue drops on Feb. 20.