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SYFY WIRE Dominic Monaghan

Exclusive Radioflash trailer: Dominic Monaghan heads for the apocalyptic sci-fi hills

By James Comtois
Dominic Monaghan and Brighton Sharbino in Radioflash

"This is the real deal. The clock is ticking. You gotta get moving."

In SYFY WIRE's exclusive trailer for Radioflash, a new apocalyptic sci-fi thriller from IFC Midnight, a nuclear strike causes an electromagnetic pulse that cuts off all power, water, and communication to the entire western United States, plunging the region into chaos. So, a daddy-daughter duo played by Dominic Monaghan and Brighton Sharbino need to get out of dodge while they still can.

Sharbino plays Reese, a tech-savvy teenager who gets in touch with her grandfather (Will Patton) via radio after the apocalypse kicks off. Gramps, who's giving off some serious survivalist vibes, strongly advises that she and her father (Monaghan) get out of town ASAP and go live with him deep in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Thus begins a story where the father-daughter team embark upon a journey for survival where any person encountered could be an enemy. 

Check out the trailer below:

"It'll be a safe place, I promise you," assures grampa. Based on the footage we see, which includes some pretty fierce grizzlies and other gun-toting mountain folk, we're not so sure he's right. But seriously, what's the alternative?  

IFC Midnight announced in August that it had acquired the U.S. distribution rights to the Ben McPherson-directed film. McPherson said in a statement that he “wanted this film to be unpredictable and disorienting so that the viewer like the protagonist never knew what was around each corner. There is never a moment in the film where we are certain about who we can trust.”

Radioflash hits theaters Nov. 15.