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Exclusive Preview: Mawinhawken mourns its fallen in Day of the Dead Episode 7

The residents of Mawinhawken mourn a hero and get ready for the battle ahead.

Poor Trey Bowman... did he deserve a dumpster funeral? No. Is that exactly what he gets in this sneak peek at the next episode of SYFY's Day of the Dead? Unfortunately, yes. (Desperate, zombie-filled times call for desperate measures.) In this exclusive clip, we see Mayor Paula Bowman and the townspeople of Mawinhawken mourn the loss of Trey after his premature death at the hands of one particularly ravenous zombie. Though, in this moment of intense grief, we get a surprisingly optimistic outlook from one of our fearless heroines.

"We owe it to him to survive this," Lauren says in Trey's memory. "We owe it to everyone that we've lost. That's how we honor them ‒ by staying alive."

With more residents dying each week and the zombie invasion only intensifying, the people of Mawinhawken are certainly struggling. But as seen in the above video, not only do they have a collective determination to make it out of this apocalypse, they also have each other to rely on. It might not be a lot, but in an undead uprising, it's the best chance they've got.

Be on the lookout for Episode 7 of Day of the Dead, "Their Evil Was Our Evil," premiering on SYFY on Nov. 26 at 10/9c. You won't want to miss it.

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