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YouTuber recreates iconic Fast Saga moments as 'F9' hits 'On Demand' this Friday

By Josh Weiss
Fast and Furious 9

Can a jet engine actually be strapped to a real-world vehicle? The answer is yes. Let us explain how we came to this conclusion. Ahead of F9 making its On Demand debut this Friday, Universal teamed up with YouTube filmmaker Devin Graham to recreate some of the Fast Saga's most iconic racing moments in downtown Los Angeles.  

"Super thanks to Universal Pictures," Graham says in the video. "So many people came together to make this project happen in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Fast Saga."

The production for this pesudo-MythBusters endeavour involved Dom's Hellcat Charger, a Go-Kart (which got the jet engine strapped to its back), and a remote control car. While there wasn't enough capital in Graham's budget for an actual wrecking ball to recreate The Fate of the Furious climax, there was just enough for a yoga ball. We expect most of the cash went toward airplane fuel.

Watch below (and be sure to stick around for some special cameos at the very end):

"In F9, it was essential for us, especially at the 20-year mark for the series, to go back and explore the legacy while still adding new characters to move forward," writer/director Justin Lin told Forbes. "In this case of Han, it was about bringing him back in a way that will ultimately do him justice. There are many discussions, and I feel like I have multiple scripts, even in F9. I didn't want Han being back to be a linear three points, and then he's suddenly back. I wanted it to feel like there was a whole other movie that you just missed that hopefully, maybe one day, you could see come to life."

F9 zooms On Demand this Friday (July 30). Still playing theaters around the world, the film has raked in over $622 million at the global box office.

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