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Fear the Walking Dead: Season 5 is equal parts zombie brutality and morality lesson

By Alyse Wax
Fear the Walking Dead 501 - zombie

In This Episode...

Alicia is leading a team that consists of John, June, Morgan, Lucy, and Al. They are continuing their project of trying to help everyone they can, without much success. Everyone they try to help either dies or goes missing before they can show up. So they are desperate to help a man named Logan, who they have still been in contact with. Somehow the group gets a small aircraft and Al crashes it about 15 miles from where Logan claims to be.

Fear the Walking Dead 501 - Alicia and a zombie

Lucy is impaled in the shoulder during the crash. They also meet a couple kids, Max and Dylan, and their sister, who stick around for a time, then bail. I assume we will see them again at some point; we spent too much time with them tonight not to see them again.

Strand leads a caravan with Charlie, Sarah, and Wendell. We only see them for a few minutes tonight.

A lot of this episode is mindless killing (fun!) and mindless morality lessons (less fun!). But there are a few important things we discover in the final act.

Logan is a bad guy

Of course. He is the other owner of the denim mill where Clayton had set up his help center. He lured Alicia and her crew out of the mill so he could sneak in and take what is his. To be fair, he said he didn't want to kill them; he just wanted his mill and everything that is in it.

Fear the Walking Dead 501 - Dylan and a zombie

Daniel Salazar is, apparently, a gang lord?

Al radios to Strand and tells him that she has a tape with someone who has a small aircraft. She wants Strand to get the plane and go pick them up. When Strand finally finds the tape, it turns out it is Daniel Salazar, and he apparently has a warehouse full of guns.

Something bad is going on where Al's flight crashed

The kids refuse to say what is going on. But the group, while driving to the truck stop where Logan is allegedly hiding, finds a street barrier made of four zombies, tied together with their own intestines. Above them, the gnashing heads of a dozen zombies hang like ornaments on a wicked Christmas tree. When fighting off a horde of zombies, Alicia falls on a sign that warns of high radiation. And Al got a weird feeling about one zombie she impaled at the crash site, one that was wearing some sort of black suit and matching helmet. She goes back to investigate and finds some suspicious-looking maps in the zombie's pocket. Then she is tasered into unconsciousness by a human in a matching uniform.

Fear the Walking Dead 501 - Al finding zombie

Morality lessons

Morgan was hyper-moral all last season, and I have to say, this is getting really old, really fast. He is still trying to make up for all the death he caused (which, some could argue, is a selfish reason to be helpful). They have been trying for months to go out there and "help" people, but haven't had any success. Maybe they just need to relax and stop putting themselves out. I think they are trying too hard.