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Fear the Walking Dead 502: Radioactive zombie apocalypse!

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

We are following several different storylines this week. Frankly, most of them are not very interesting. It's never a good sign when you are bored with the second episode of a season. The closest thing to an interesting storyline this week is finding out what is going on with the radiation signs.


Morgan stumbles into a radioactive zone, where he is found by Grace. She used to work at a nearby pressurized water reactor, and when the cities fell, the reactor eventually melted down. The employees and their families had holed up in the power plant because it was safe from what was outside -- but not from within. Ultimately, Grace blames herself for the deaths of sixty-three people inside the power plant. She is very sincere -- this isn't a scheme -- but it get very tiresome.

While looking for the kids from last week's episode, John and June end up at Camp Cackleberry. All they find there are piles of spent ammunition, a dozen or so radioactive zombies barricaded in a cabin, and the ashes of a dozen or so other radiation victims in a fire pit.

Strand tracks down Daniel, who is less than welcoming to him. Daniel is still mad that Strand shot him. Strand, for his part, tries to convince Daniel that he has changed and wants to use his airplane to rescue his friends, but Daniel doesn't believe him. He thinks that Strand will make life worse for Alicia and their friends, and kicks him out of his compound.


Luciana is recovering from her injury and seems to be doing very well. She is on a lot of painkillers, and when she leaves the truck stop at night, she sees -- or thinks she sees -- a horde of zombies ambling toward her. She panics and locks herself back inside the truck stop. When her friends return, there are no zombies, but there are a handful of chomping zombie heads hanging from a nearby billboard.


I just finished watching Chernobyl on HBO, so this may be coloring my idea of what happens with radiation poisoning. I am sure that with this kind of reactor there is less nuclear material, but regardless, Grace says she can decontaminate people with a simple shower. She is only concerned with people who come into physical contact with radioactive zombies. That just doesn't seem right to me. My knowledge of radiation is that if it's there, it's there. They could have explained it a little better.


Zombie heads

I admit, the zombie heads has me intrigued. I want to know the story behind these, even though it will probably disappoint me.


The best part of this episode was a tiny part of the episode. In her drugged state, Luciana worries that she won't be able to play accordion -- something she has been meaning to learn. It is funny listening to her ramble about the accordion she may never get the chance to play.