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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead ends the season with the good, the bad, and the ugly

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Morgan calls Virginia for help. She says that when they found the settlement at the Gulch, there were over 200 people there, but Ginny claims that their water dried up and they didn't want any help, so Ginny's gang was forced to let them die on their own. She promises they will arrive tonight, and despite negotiations, she refuses to keep them together. She does, however, promise not to kill the sick or infirm.


But Morgan's crew decides they are not going to go down without a fight. Dwight found a half-dozen saddled horses a few miles out on the road. He brings them back to the Gulch. Morgan (with Grace snuggled up in front of him), Strand, Daniel, Dwight, John, and June ride out, leading the herd of zombies from the Gulch. The plan is to surround Ginny with the zombies. They won't kill her; but they won't save her. They get ready, but soon discover that Ginny has brought along Luciana. They call the plan off, and instead lead the herd into a nearby river that washes them away in the torrent.

They head back to the Gulch, where Al has determined the people who previously lived here had been shot dead. Ginny lied. With not enough fire power to fight them off when they arrive, the Convoy Crew decide to do the one thing they came there for: get John and June married. Officiated by Jacob, with music by Charlie, and wedding rings provided by Dwight, it is a sweet, simple ceremony. It has barely ended when Ginny's group rolls up.

The kids get to go together, but everyone else is separated and sent off alone. Charlie breaks down without Daniel; Daniel breaks down without Skidmark. John is dragged away from his new bride while shouting his love for her. Strand promises Alicia they can cause more damage from the inside. Grace is sent away with a doctor.

Soon it is just Morgan and Ginny. She decides that, in order to protect the future, Morgan has to stay here - and she is going to shoot him. Morgan fights back, and is shot in the shoulder. Ginny finds another gun on a corpse, and points it at Morgan's head. She fires, but it is a prop gun. She gets a call on the walkie. The doctor says that Grace doesn't have radiation poisoning; she is pregnant - about four months or so. Morgan laughs and feels vindicated that Ginny was wrong about wanting to kill Grace. Ginny, infuriated, leaves Morgan to either bleed to death or be eaten by zombies. As zombies wander up to Morgan, he begs into the walkie for Grace, for everyone else, to live.


Season finale

This was a good episode, and a strong way to end a wobbly season. It had a little bit of everything: a wedding. A baby. A ton of zombies. A cliffhanger. Even though there were a lot of annoying episodes this season, I admit: I want to see what Ginny's camps are like.

Morgan: Dead or Alive?

This is a tough one. For virtually any other show, I would say that this was a "screw you" to the audience: it looks like Morgan will die, but at the last second, someone shows up and saves him. Then again, in The Walking Dead universe, people die with no warning. But because of that, I would say this is a warning, so Morgan probably survives. Unless the show is trying to trick us. I guess we will just have to wait and see.