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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead is still looking towards tomorrow

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

After last week's exciting episode, this one really swung in the opposite direction. It was all about feelings and emotions and giving us more puzzle pieces that we already had.

Morgan and Al come across a man, Tom, who is terrified of them. When they hide him from the horsemen, he finally admits that they are after him. He had just bought a condo in a settlement called Paradise Ridge when the outbreak began. Things were good there for a while. There was security, walls, food, water. But after nearly a decade, the condos started falling apart, the water went bad, food stopped growing. Ginny's group showed up and offered to help. When Tom tells them that the newcomers said "what they were doing wasn't about today; just tomorrow," this struck a familiar note with Al. She thinks that following Ginny's trail will lead her to Isabelle.


Tom doesn't specify what he did to reap the ire of Ginny's gang, but he is scared for his sister, Janice, who is still in the condo complex. Al uses this as an excuse to go to Paradise Ridge. Morgan insists on going with her. Once there, they split up. Morgan goes looking for Janice, but all he finds is the zombie of someone that Janice killed during her escape. Janice is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Al finds a whiteboard that lists inventory, which crops are being grown and what is to be grown, a map with different "settlements" listed on it.

As she is leaving the planning room, Al is accosted by a zombie, and the two fall into the pool. This alerts the humans, and Al and Morgan are both captured. Ginny comes in, and with her down home drawl, she sets Morgan and Al at ease (well, almost at ease) and gives them the same spiel she gives everyone about building brighter tomorrows even if it's not their cup of tea. She encourages Morgan and Al to share what they learned, and offers Morgan a therapist to talk to. She laughs when Al asks if they have any helicopters at their disposal and gives Morgan a newly fixed stick, then encourages Morgan and Al to join them. The pair leave.

Meanwhile, Grace and Daniel are really bonding while out on a scavenging mission. Daniel admits that it was meeting Charlie that changed him. I guess it was the exuberance and optimism of youth. When their truck breaks down, they hole up in a local bar/coffee house for the night, where they play guitar and sing.


After their experience in Paradise Ridge, Al opens up - a little bit - about Isabelle. Morgan realizes he is holding on to the past too much and makes it a point to change that. He makes a call to Grace... but Daniel answers. Apparently in the last hour or two, Grace has fallen gravely ill. She wants to see Morgan again, but doesn't think he will make it there in time.

Give. Us. Answers!

So tonight, we learned that Ginny and her gang are going around, making offers to basically every group she finds. We don't know what those offers are. They seem to have set up headquarters at Paradise Ridge, but we don't know for sure. What we don't know is how many outposts they have; what Tom did to get on their shit list; or what the hell they are doing!

Zombie o' the Week

Not much to choose from this week. I really liked that the gatekeeper at Paradise Ridge went outside to clear away a zombie body, but he had a hard time. He pulled it by its arm, and the arm snapped off. The only way it could have been better is if another zombie showed up and he beat the zombie dead with the arm.