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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead meets Dawn of the Dead

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Morgan, Grace, and Dwight answer a call from a man, Chuck. He has been living in a mall, but has been bitten. He knows he doesn't have much longer to live, but just wants someone to come and kill him and bury him outside under the stars. Chuck promises he will be in the security office, but he isn't there. They figure he escaped and joined the other zombies in the mall, so they go looking for him. 


Grace passes out, and while Morgan looks after her, Dwight gets a transmission from Daniel, just a song. Clearly a code, Dwight heads out to help the caravan. Knowing that Logan's crew is within walkie range, Dwight tells "Daniel" where he is going and heads out. This is all a set-up, and when he is accosted by one of Logan's men, he isn't surprised. The guy is unsettled by Dwight's lack of fear, but he still ties Dwight up and threatens to kill him. A zombie stumbles by, and the dude kills it, leaving Dwight enough time to knock out the guy, get his gun, and tie him up. The dude expects he will be killed, but by the next morning, Dwight gives him a choice: continue being an asshole, or decide to be someone else. He then cuts him free and lets him go.

Back at the mall, Grace is feeling better. It could be exhaustion; it could be low blood sugar; it could be radiation poisoning. There is no way of knowing, but there is an urgent care center in this mall (what mall has an urgent care center??). She is determined to activate the generator so she can give herself a CAT scan and see for herself. Morgan distracts the zombie herd with an RC car, but then Grace, determined to fulfill Chuck's last wish, screws things up. She thinks she sees Chuck, follows him, and alerts the whole herd. Morgan and Grace take shelter in a health supplement store... until the zombies crack the glass door. This spurs Morgan and Grace into action.

They head out the back door, into dark hallways, and finally find the generator. The whole mall lights up, complete with muzak. The pair head to urgent care, and find the gate locked. (Sure, because you wouldn't want anyone to loot an MRI machine.) They try to break it, but only succeed in setting off the alarm, which brings the zombies to them. Again. They run, head up the escalator, but finds it is bringing zombies to the second floor. Grace reverses the direction and sends the zombies back to the first floor.

They go back to the security office to turn off the alarm. Grace finds the urgent care key, but Morgan discovers something else: Chuck is still alive, barely, and up on the roof. They go to him, sit with him in his final moments. He wanted to see the stars but it's cloudy, so Grace goes inside and gets a turtle toy that projects stars. Chuck is quite happy. Presumably, they kill him, because we next see them burying him in the parking lot median in the morning. The turtle acts as a grave marker.

Grace decides she doesn't want to know what is making her ill. She is still alive, so she doesn't want to get distracted by what may be wrong. The rest of the caravan rolls up, and they pack up all the health supplements, medicine, camping gear, and other necessities from the mall. Morgan decides he wants to go help Al and gets in his own car, rather than traveling with Grace. The caravan rolls out.


Death and dying

I do not understand why people are so concerned with what happens to them after they die. I guess it is a religious thing, and I am an atheist. I believe that when you are dead, you are dead. There is no soul or anything like that, so I don't care what happens when I am dead. So I do not understand why Morgan and Grace would risk their lives just to find one guy, kill him, and bury him outside. If they were going to kill all the zombies at the mall, then fine - kill Chuck as part of that. Granted, in this case, Chuck wasn't dead and they were able to give him a few, lovely hours before he died, so it was all worth it.

Dawn of the Walking Dead

It took ten years into the franchise, but we finally have a direct reference to one of the greatest zombie movies of all time, Dawn of the Dead. The George Romero classic is set inside a mall. Tonight's episode took place almost entirely at a mall.

While we are talking about it, I don't know why this group doesn't want to settle down; why no one seems to settle down. I guess it doesn't make for good television, but doesn't that make sense? You stay someplace - like a mall - with plenty of food and supplies, and make it your home. It just seems safer.

Morgan and Grace

Oh Morgan. You are so close to love again, but you just can't let go of Jenny and Dwayne. They would want you to be happy! And you spent much of this episode discussing the importance of living life to the fullest. Clearly, Morgan left Grace because he was falling for her, and couldn't handle the idea of moving on.