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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead seeks help in the least likely place

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Ginny's group has made their own documentary, explaining why they are the wave of the future. According to Al, it is all a lie, so they decide to film another documentary, promising to show the whole truth, good and bad. 

A breach in the caravan perimeter by a zombie who worked at the original Humbug's Gulch leads the group to realize they are nearby. They decide that this is going to be their Xanadu, and that they are going to head there and turn it into a home. John assures them that the theme park was designed to operate as it would have in the 1800s, so the park is not reliant on things like electricity or gasoline.


On the way, Grace becomes extremely dehydrated. The caravan decides to make a detour to a local nursing home to find some medicine for her. They find it and return to the road, but soon find that the bridge they need to cross rotting away. It can barely hold human beings, let alone the tanker. Any other direction would be too far of a diversion, and they would run out of gas. It is this way or nothing. The group decides to try to patch the bridge, hoping to at least get some of the cars across, then do a "bucket brigade" to get as much gas across as possible. 

Then Ginny shows up. She is there to offer her help, which Morgan and the others decline derisively. Anyone who wants to can join Ginny's group, but no one wants to. Ginny and her men fire their guns into the air, to draw zombies to the area, remind the group that if they need them, they can call, and they take off. The caravan starts working double-time, and Morgan heads up a group the fights back the zombies as best they can. It is not enough, and they have to abandon everything in order to get across the bridge before the zombies.


Tom, who has become Al's assistant videographer, falls into a hole in the bridge. He is ok, and he gets the camera turned around just in time to see the bridge collapse, taking out hundreds of zombies. Unfortunately, this also takes out Tom.

The caravan re-converges on the other side of the bridge. They have about ten to fifteen miles to go, and decide they have to continue. For Tom. Off they go. They finally reach the Gulch, and their eyes grow wide.

It is completely inundated by zombies. Thousands of them. There is no feasible way to even thin them out. The group has no food or water. They are out of options. Except one.

They call Ginny.

Another docu-style "found footage" episode

This one was not as skillfully done. By the last act of the episode, it felt like it had gone back to professionally shot - like the scenes with the caravan crossing the desert on foot - but then it goes back to being docu-style.

Ginny's group is "lying" - where is the proof?

I know I keep harping on this, but how do we know Ginny's group is as "evil" as Tom says? We, as an audience, still have yet to see what kind of horrors Ginny's group is really involved in. We don't know what her group is doing. The best answer we have is that "not everyone is useful."

Maybe that's the twist

Maybe we are supposed to think Ginny's group is horrible, but then we discover that Tom really was a horrible person, and Ginny's group is actually doing good for the world. Or at least, she isn't that bad. Whatever the case is, I fear that it will be hugely disappointing, considering how big they have built it up.