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SYFY WIRE Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead takes to the skies!

By Alyse Wax

In This Episode...

Morgan, Alicia, Al, and Lucy return to the truck stop with a huge stockpile of airplane pieces. If they couldn't find a working plane, they would build it. From Daniel's compound, Strand, Charlie, Sarah, and Wendell had a similar plan: they were going to fix the zombie-blender plane. Unfortunately, it seems to be beyond repairable. Strand is frustrated, until Charlie has an idea...


On Alicia's end, they get their plane working, but one of the propellers breaks off and nearly decapitates her. So the engines are good, propellers not so good. Annie is frustrated by this and decides she and her kids need to leave. She finally breaks and admits what happened to Alicia.

Annie's family, and a few others, holed up at the summer camp, and everything was idyllic. On the way back from a scavenging expedition, some of the adults accidentally lead a few zombies back to the camp. The walls hold while the adults gather weapons. They send the kids to a safe space they had built in the woods. The kids waited a day, then two, then three. Annie was getting nervous - they had never sent the kids away for more than a day. Annie goes back to the camp, expecting to see a slaughter. But instead, all the parents were alive. They had won out over the herd. But these were radioactive zombies and they were already showing the effects of severe radiation poisoning. Annie was instructed to go back and keep the kids safe. (See Happy - it's not the end of the world to actually reveal a backstory!)

Morgan has reconnected with Grace. She desperately needs their generator in order to run the cooling equipment at another nuclear site, in the hopes of staving off another meltdown. Morgan brings her the generator, but she quickly leaves him behind. She doesn't have another radiation suit and won't let him put himself in the line of danger.


Charlie's idea has to do with a photo from the brewer. Augie's Ale had a hot air baloon. She and Strand get it and fly it over the mountain to get to Alicia. (I assume they are bringing a new propeller.) Except they don't have enough fuel. The hot air balloon goes down, right in the middle of the radiation zone. Morgan warns them, via radio, not to kill the zombies there. Strand and Charlie crash, but that advice is going to be hard to follow, as they are set upon by a herd of radioactive zombies. Morgan ignores Grace's warnings and goes in to save them.

Morgan's Stick

Morgan needs a new stick, and he has been "auditioning" every one he can find. When he meets up with Grace, he finds his stick, wrapped in plastic, in her truck. (Apparently Grace didn't burn it like she swore she had to....) Morgan picks it up and swings it around. But he is surprised to find it doesn't hold the emotional weight he put on it. 


Hot Air Balloon

Even if the world hadn't ended, seeing the hot air balloon would have been a sight: it is shaped like a giant bottle of beer. Alicia runs to get the kids, hoping that  seeing such an extraordinary sight would encourage them, give them hope, make them want to stay. But the kids are already gone. And of course, Alicia goes looking for them.


John insists that they will find Sherry and get her on the plane with them. He and Dwight head out to find her, and they get really close: they find the car she was driving, parked outside a house. Dwight goes inside to check, while John checks the car. He finds a letter from Sherry in the glove compartment - but this is a goodbye letter. She loves him too much for him to continue to risk his life for her. She wants him to move on and live his life without her. When Dwight runs outside, excited to tell John that he thinks she was here not too long ago, John decides to hide the letter and continue helping Dwight with his search.