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Felicia Day has a new podcast and would love to reboot Xena [Ep #72]

By Jordan Zakarin
Felicia Day

Felicia Day finally has a project she can talk about.

After breaking through with her own DIY web series, The Guild, and spending most of her career on the cutting edge of an internet that encourages sharing as much as possible, Day has spent the last few years working on big studio and network projects that come with nondisclosure agreements and general hush-hush attitudes (not to mention raising a baby). So it was a relief to the actress-writer-producer-entrepreneur that she could talk about her new sci-fi comedy podcast Voyage to the Stars when she came on The Fandom Files for this week's new episode.

Day voices one of the accidental crew members of a ship that gets sucked through a wormhole and sent very, very far from Earth. The group on board is a bunch of bluffers and incompetents, and in improvised scenes based on outlines by series creator Ryan Copple, they must navigate a bizarre galaxy filled with weird, unsettling, and very funny creatures.

Beyond Voyage, Day also spoke about her views on the internet and the rise of trolls, which platforms she saw as the Next Big Thing, and the show she'd love to reboot if she had unlimited power.

"I loved Xena when I was a kid. I know they tried to reboot it and I guess it didn't go anywhere, but I love it," she said. "It's like total female empowerment. I love ancient Greek and Roman history. I love badass Greek gods and things like that. And a relationship between Xena and Gabrielle? Come on, it's perfect. I don't know why it's not happening right now."

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