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Sony and Square Enix announce Final Fantasy XVI, reveal first trailer for PS5 exclusive

By Justin Carter
Final Fantasy PS5

One of the oldest RPGs in video game history is gearing up to make a splashy, next-gen return. Sony has officially revealed Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI is coming to the PlayStation 5, Chocobos and all.

The new entry in the long-running JRPG series will return to the medieval fantasy roots of the franchise, and the first trailer featured white Chocobos and large fiery creatures. And yes, there were kingdoms at war and talk of "Mother Crystals" — all familiar topics for Final Fantasy fans. Instead of controlling an entire party, as has been the case in previous installments, it appears you'll only take control of a single member this time around. At least judging by the trailer.

Final Fantasy XVI will be a PlayStation exclusive, but PC players will also get in on the JRPG action. The game's staff includes producers Naoki Yoshida and Hiroshi Takai, both of whom have worked on the hit MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. Despite the multiplayer pedigree from the two, this is a single-player affair like most numbered entries in the series.

Not unlike Final Fantasy XV, it appears the game will span over several years as we watch our main character grow from boy to man ... with a giant sword (because, ya know, it is a Final Fantasy game). In a statement on the PlayStation Blog, Yoshida teased that more information about the game would be coming in 2021, promising that a lot is in store for both XVI and XIV, as he'll continue to work on the MMO franchise.

The first trailer for the game was rolled out as part of Sony's live PS5 event. Check it out below.

For those keeping count, it has been four years since the last mainline entry in the series, Final Fantasy XV, was released. No word yet on exactly when this latest sequel will arrive.