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Finn Wolfhard knows it's probably time to end 'Stranger Things,' even if he's not ready for it

Finn Wolfhard thinks more than five seasons of the show that made him a star would be "ridiculous." 

By Matthew Jackson
Stranger Things 4

Like most of the young cast drafted for Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard was catapulted to stardom by the success of the Netflix hit, offering him plenty of other opportunities even as the show has continued its blockbuster streaming run. Now, as he looks ahead to filming the final season of the show, Wolfhard isn't ready to go, even if he's very aware that the show is ready to end. 

"Not ready but I'm just really excited to start working on it because after I finished watching Season 4, I just was like, 'Damn, let's just go back and film now,'" Wolfhard told Uproxx in a new interview promoting his latest film, When You Finish Saving the World. "I just want to help finish it off, but not in a way of I want to be done with it. It's just like I want to know what happens. I'm definitely sad about it, but also, I know that it's the next kind of chapter of everyone's life that needs to happen."

Netflix announced early last year, ahead of the fourth season arriving on the streamer, that Season 5 of Stranger Things would be its last, though creators Matt and Ross Duffer (aka The Duffer Brothers) are already working on spinoff properties (which Wolfhard had famously guessed before they'd told anyone). Once the fourth season aired, it became clear that the characters and the battle against the Upside Down was indeed headed for a very clear endgame, though we don't yet know when we'll see the final battle emerge. Even as we wait, though, Wolfhard is very aware that it's time for the series to say goodbye. 

"Also, to me, if Stranger Things went on any longer than five [seasons], I would say it would be ridiculous," Wolfhard continued. "I think the Duffer Brothers figured out, I would imagine, a perfect ending in five. We didn't even know if we'd do two. So, we're happy that people still are around and want to watch it. But yeah, I'm excited. Four was huge in scale, but I think I'd like to see the fifth season draw back on more of the dynamics of Season 1, and sort of be a little more contained, but also still be gigantic. I hope we kind of get an ending for each character that's pretty satisfying for fans."

The Duffer Brothers still haven't said much about what's coming in terms of the series finale, but they have called Season 5 the "culmination" of the story so far, as well as a story that will tonally go back to the "beginning" with elements similar to the first season. So, it sounds like Wolfhard will get his wish whenever the cameras start rolling again.

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