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First look at Titans #33: Hey, Titans, retrieving Raven's Soul-Self is a trap!

By Ernie Estrella
Titans #33 regular cover

Ever since DC Comics' Dark Nights: Metal event ran its course, the effects around the DC Universe have been rampant, from how Hawkman has been changed as a man who not only travels time but also space. We've seen how the Dark Multiverse was unleashed upon Atlantis and Aquaman in the Justice League: Drowned Earth event and then there's the The Batman Who Laughs and The Grim Knight terrorizing Batman. One book that has been used to set up other stories of late, is Dan Abnett's run on Titans and they too have been affected with the aftermath of Metal, breaking a hole in the Source Wall, allowing all sorts of strange things to happen. 

SYFY WIRE has the exclusive four-page preview of Titans #33, written by Abnett, with art by Bruno Redondo, Hi-Fi colors and Dave Sharpe on letters. It goes on sale Jan. 16th and kicks off a new storyline that calls back to the cliffhanger in Titans #24.

You see, in Titans #24, it was shown that some of the Source Energy infiltrated a retired English teacher E.K. Hinton, who wrote a series of fantasy novels and the world that he dreamed up. Now his imagination  has come to life in a place called Unearth. With the Titans looking into this Source Energy disturbance, one of the creatures trapped Raven's Soul-Self (the black form of energy she projects from her body and can sometimes take the shape of Raven) as the Titans were leaving Unearth (below).

Titans #24 Page 21

But to really understand what's going on in this preview and Issue #33, one should acquaint themselves with last month's issue, Titans #32 which details the origin of Mother Blood, who was once known as Sonya Tarinka, an asylum seeker who was rescued by the Church of Blood Cult. She would soon understand the leader,  Brother Blood to be a con artist and right before she and her friends look to escape the cult, she discovered the Source Wall gave her the actual power and knowledge that Brother Blood had been preaching. The Blood Cult would be defeated in Teen Titans #20, but transformed into Mother Blood by the power of the Source Wall and Multiverse, Sonya Tarinka transformed her friends into her henchmen, her Blood Vessels. 

Now Mother Blood is targeting the Titans, especially Green Lantern and Steel as the keys to open The Bleed, a void in the "Multiversal Continua" and pour her powers, along with the ones given to her by the Source Power to fuel the Multiverse and control this incredible potential to become gods. They've since targeted the Unearth as their altar, which coincidentally is where Raven's Soul-Self has been trapped. 

Titans #33 Pages 2-3

As we see in this preview of Titans #33 (Pages 2-3 above and more in the gallery), the Titans have taken the bait and arrived at Unearth and with the help of their technical support man, Benjamin Rubel tethered to home going through Hinton's books to guide the Titans back to Raven's Soul-Self and make her whole again. Or are they just pawns in Mother Blood's plans to tap the Source Wall?

Check out our four-page preview below and let us know what you think of the Titans comic book, then pick up the entire issue of Titans #33 Wednesday.