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First Look: Browncoats Mal and Zoe make a devil's deal in Boom! Studios' Firefly #4

By Jeff Spry
Firefly 4 Hero

Back in November, Boom! Studios rocketed out of the gate with a shiny new Firefly comic series fortified with the dream-team pairing of New York Times bestselling author Greg Pak (World War Hulk, Mech Cadet Yu) and the potent pencilwork of artist Dan McDaid's (Judge Dredd).

Now things are heating up for our heroes as Boom!'s Firefly #4 prepares to strike comic book shops on Feb. 27 and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive first look at the pivotal issue's interior art and covers. 

Firefly 1 Slice

Adapted from the colorful frontier of Joss Whedon's immensely popular TV space western which aired for one memorable season in 2002-03, this tantalizing title centers around the cocky and intrepid crew of the Serenity and is set shortly after the events of the short-lived Fox series.

When engine failure causes their spaceship to perform an emergency landing on a moon, the entire Browncoat gang becomes the escort for religious pilgrims traveling to a remote holy site. Meanwhile Mal and Zoe are being hunted down as war criminals by the Unificators, a notorious posse of lawmen and lawwomen mopping up the mess after the Unification Wars.

Firefly 4 Cover D

Quite simply, Pak and McDaid make for a formidable creative duo, matching solid storytelling skills with superb space opera art for a satisfying and faithful leap into the Whedonverse.

In this chapter, the Serenity's valiant crew is divided, dealing with bands of ruthless Unificators thirsty for justice, roving gangs out for revenge, and zealous pilgrims searching for a blood sacrifice. To even the odds, Mal and Zoe decide to team up with Boss Moon, the unyielding Unificator who has pursued them down to the furthest regions of the ‘verse and who offers them a tempting devil’s deal to voluntarily turn themselves in to be dealt with as war criminals and her people will spare their friends.

Firefly 4 Slice

Firefly #4 showcases a main cover by Lee Garbett (Skyward), alongside variant covers by Garbett, Joe Quinones (America), Marguerite Sauvage (Archie), and Jonathan Case (Over the Garden Wall).

Hit the afterburners for our early look in the gallery below, then shoot us a comment on how you're loving this new Firefly adventure from the folks at Boom! Studios.