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First look: AMC teases The Terror: Infamy & Lodge 49 with new photos, premiere dates

The Terror: Infamy on AMC

The Terror painted a gripping and austere picture of fear last year when the Ridley Scott-produced series made its debut on AMC, and now we’re getting our first official look at the new season’s WWII-era setting, as well as news on when The Terror: Infamy will makes its debut.

AMC says The Terror: Infamy, as well as Season 2 of its quirky fantasy-comedy Lodge 49, will be arriving in August. Season 1 of The Terror centered on its sailors’ desperate and ill-fated hunt for the fabled Northwest Passage, but Infamy is moving things forward to WWII, exploring “a series of bizarre deaths that haunt a Japanese-American community, and a young man's journey to understand and combat the malevolent entity responsible,” according to AMC.

Check out the first official Infamy images below:

The Terror: Infamy on AMC
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The Terror: Infamy on AMC
The Terror: Infamy on AMC

Alexander Woo (True Blood) is the showrunner for the new batch of episodes; Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island) is executive producing along with Woo, Scott, and more. The Terror: Infamy debuts on AMC Aug. 12 at 9 ET, serving as the lead in for the Season 2 premiere of Lodge 49 — which is where we’re headed next.

Starring Overlord’s Wyatt Russell as Sean "Dud" Dudley, Lodge 49 is the kind of show that’s hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it. Dud finds purpose — or at least a hazy, vague aspiration to believe in a purpose — when he bonds with middle-aged plumbing salesman Ernie (Brent Jennings), who’s a "Luminous Knight” of the secret Ancient and Benevolent Order of the Lynx. But being a member turns out to be decidedly less exotic than most stories make it sound: Sean and Ernie mostly just hang out, drink beer, and try to figure out how to restore the order to its past glory. 

Here’s our first look at Season 2, courtesy of AMC:

Lodge 49 on AMC
Lodge 49 on AMC
Lodge 49 on AMC
Lodge 49 on AMC

With the order languishing under a bad leader, Dud’s convinced that he’s “the key to restoring the Lodge to its former grandeur and putting the rightful king on the throne,” according to AMC. There’s definitely a slacker, Big Lebowski feel to Lodge 49’s California surfer-dude vibe, but if anyone in the show is meant to rise above their lazy surroundings, Dud — who’s only one letter short of being a complete Dude — is probably the most qualified candidate to abide...and conquer.

Written and created by Jim Gavin (Middle Men) with showrunner Peter Ocko (Pushing Daisies), Season 2 of The Lodge debuts at 10 p.m. Aug. 12 on AMC.

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