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Frozen 2: Disney gets closer to the origin of Elsa's ice powers in new trailer

By Josh Weiss
Frozen 2 poster

Let go of whatever you're doing at the moment, and watch the brand-new trailer for Disney's Frozen II! In the second installment, Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna (Kristen Bell), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), Olaf (Josh Gad), and Sven (the reindeer) will be traveling beyond the borders of Arendelle in order to save their kingdom and get to the bottom of Elsa's magical ice-powered abilities.

Co-directors, Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, are also returning to the franchise, which is receiving new cast members in the forms of Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us) and Evan Rachel Wood (Westworld). Following their win for Best Original Song ("Let it Go") at the 86th Oscars, the duo of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez both came back to pen more original musical numbers for the sequel.

Watch the latest trailer below and try not to freeze up with excitement:

Watching the new trailer, it seems like Elsa's powers are starting to get the better of her once again when she starts hearing a strange voice calling to her. According to the stone trolls, the kingdom is no longer safe, meaning the queen & co. must embark on another adventure, passing through an otherworldly barrier and into an enchanted forest, which is led by Lt. Destin Mattias (Brown). As the trolls warn Anna, she needs to watch her sister closely or else the alluring nature of magic could subsume Elsa completely. That may not be such a bad thing because this latest batch of footage shows Elsa riding a freakin' ice horse, which is—ya know—awesome as all heck.

Wood is apparently providing the voice of Elsa and Anna's mother, Queen Iduna. With such a major actor taking on the part from Jennifer Lee, we wonder if the character may still be alive after all these years, just like Nicole Kidman's Atlanna in Aquaman. That would definitely provide a nice twist in the lives of the royal siblings who were forced to grow up without their parents, who we "saw" die in a shipwreck at the start of the first Frozen in 2013.

The follow-up's script was written by Allison Schroeder (Hidden Figures, Christopher Robin).

Frozen II sleds into theaters everywhere Wednesday, Nov. 27. What did you think of the fresh trailer? Let us know in the comments below!