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SYFY WIRE Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear is a bloody Funko POP now, but he's still hungry for... well, you know

Cocaine Bear is taking a bite out of the toy game.

By Matthew Jackson
Cocaine Bear (2023)

Over the weekend, Cocaine Bear enjoyed a warm welcome at the box office following glowing reviews from critics, launching its journey to becoming the next great killer animal movie we'll be talking about for years. But of course, the movie itself is not the end of the phenomenon when a film is as internet-friendly and meme-able as this one. No, it's time for collectibles, which is where Funko comes in.

The toy company has revealed that pre-orders are now open for not one, but two new POP! figures inspired by Elizabeth Banks' wild dark comedy about a bear who eats some cocaine and rampages through the woods of Georgia. They're definitely not the most kid-friendly things Funko has ever rolled off the line, but if you love the movie, you'll definitely understand why they'd make an attractive addition to your shelf.

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Both POP! figures depict the title bear -- complete with Funko's signature oversized head and black, round eyes -- at various points in the film. In one figure, he's sitting happily on the forest floor, duffel bag between his legs, munching on a big ol' bag of cocaine. In the other, we see what happens after the drugs kick in, and the bear heads off to chow down on some human meat. He's all lit up on that white powder and ready to go, and we know that because he's got the bloody mouth and severed human foot to prove it.

Check out both POP! figures below:

Sadly, while you can go catch Cocaine Bear in theaters now, you'll have to wait a little while for Funko to actually drop these figures on the public. One of the figures is already up for pre-order over on Entertainment Earth, where it has an estimated release of June 2023. Meanwhile, both are listed on the Funko website with "notify me" button so fans can get release info as soon as it's available. All of that means you'll have to wait at least a few months to get your hands on these; but that's OK, cause you can always just watch the movie again to hold you over.

Cocaine Bear is in theaters now. Click here for tickets!