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Futurama is the secret to a healthy marriage

By Dany Roth

In 1999, The Simpsons had been around for a solid decade. Ten years of chill animated family time was about to be disrupted, however, by the 31st century, a cyclops, a drunk robot, and a delivery boy. We call that disruption to the status quo Futurama.

The Simpsons was in kind of a weird spot ten years in. Writers and producers had come and gone. If you were nine when the show started, heck, you were 19 by 1999! The sensibility of The Simpsons had changed, as had the the sensibilities of the people watching it.

In the midst of all of that was a desire from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and David X. Cohen to try something new. Futurama was, in its pilot, a show about a dystopian-adjacent future where aliens have destroyed civilization twice, all people are permanently chipped with job assignments, and there are suicide booths for a fast and easy exit from, you know, existence.

Futurama was not destined to remain in that space.

On the final episode of Every Day Animation, co-host for the Apocalist Book Club, Raven Jakubowski, joins the podcast to talk about the evolution of Futurama and how it was, in and of itself, an evolution from The Simpsons. Also, fun fact: the two of us are married. So we talked about how Futurama is a big part of our very adult coupling.

Won't you listen to the story of a real life Professor Fanrsworth and Mom and how they found love at the end of a robo-apocalyptic interrupted courtship?

That concludes Every Day Animation for 2019 at least. Thank you for listening. The Every Day series will be off for the month of May, but in June we will return with Every Day Gaming. Every Day Gaming is a brand new Every Day podcast with a brand new host and brand new guests but the same mission statement of finding out what media has helped inspire the creators you love. We'll be talking with game devs, YouTube creators, podcasters and more. It all starts June 1 with our host, creator of the Hbomberguy YouTube series, Harris Bomberguy. That's definitely his real name. We'll see you then.

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