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SYFY WIRE Future Man

WIRE Buzz: Future Man looks forward with S3 trailer; Quibi serves up Ice Cream Man; more

By Jacob Oller
Future Man S3

The Future Man team is going back to the... well, all over time, really. It’s not like they’ve decided to screw up the past or the future independently of one another. But they sure do have fun doing it. The Hulu sci-fi/comedy is headed to its third and final season, and the first trailer for the Seth Rogen-directed (and starring!) silliness is full of time crimes.

With eight new episodes, the show that linked Josh (Josh Hutcherson), Tiger (Eliza Coupe), and Wolf (Derek Wilson) together — because of Josh’s video game skills and a future that needs them — is going anywhere and anywhen to avoid the time cops, as the group attempts to clear their names. Alas, sometimes that involves beating up Gandhi. 

Take a look:

Future Man - Season 3 Teaser (Official) • A Hulu Original

Future Man creators Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir certainly aren’t pulling the punches this season, as they leave everything on the table for its final episodes. Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, and more join Gandhi and crew as the fugitives hit all the high points of time travel.

Future Man returns to Hulu for its last hurrah on Apr. 3.

Next, the Quibi hits keep on coming — even before the shortform streamer has even debuted to the puclic. The latest addition is an adaptation of Ice Cream Man, the horror/fantasy Image Comic from W. Maxwell Prince.

According to a release, writers and executive producers Max and Adam Reid (Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, Sneaky Pete) will help Ice Cream Man take the spooky anthology series (hosted by the titular narrator from his frigid truck) throughout suburban America, as pain and misery are foisted upon its residents like so many scoops on a hot summer day.

The comic series took a page from Tales From a Crypt and The Twilight Zone’s O. Henry-esque book, giving its gory and gruesome tales ironic twists aplenty. 

Quibi launches on Apr. 6.

Finally, another series will soon come to horror fans with a grin and a wink. Mitchcraft (well, that’s what it’s called for now at least) is a horror/comedy from a pair of duos: Psych’s creative team of Steve Franks and Chris Henze, and A Quiet Place producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form.

According to Deadline, the series is in development at Amazon and looks to “make scary fun again” by dubbing itself “Aspirational Horror” — whatever that means. The show itself looks to be another two-hander from the Psych team, pairing up a fire marshal that accidentally becomes a witch and... someone else, who has yet to be described. Hopefully this aspect is tackled soon in the development process.

“Over the course of Psych, we had the opportunity and freedom to play with different genres, worlds and themes within the confines of a procedural mystery,” Franks said. “Comedy was always the constant, but thanks to an obsessive cast and our collective reverence for stories like The Shining, American Werewolf in London, Twin Peaks, the Friday the 13th & Halloween franchises, among others, we often found the most joy by putting funny people in incredibly dangerous and scary situations.”

Those touchstones and more look to inform Mitchcraft as (or if) it moves forward at Amazon.