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G. Willow Wilson talks Wonder Woman, Invisible Kingdom, and pandemic baking

By Mike Avila

In the comic book realm, G. Willow Wilson may be best known as the co-creator of the wildly popular Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel. But during the recent coronavirus pandemic, Wilson's social media accounts have attracted attention to her baking pursuits as well as her creative endeavors.

"I have to say... we joke about picking your job in the apocalypse, and what would you be doing," explained Wilson. "I did not see 'Immortan Joe of apocalypse deserts' on my bingo card. But apparently, that's my role now."

Fortunately, Wilson is still able to focus on her comic book scripting duties as well. That includes Invisible Kingdom, her ongoing series with Christian Ward for Dark Horse Comics and Berger Books. Wilson recently shared the elevator pitch for Invisible Kingdom, which she used to sell the series to editor Karen Berger.

"I think it was 'space nun uprising'... those three words," recalled Wilson. "It was one of those things where I kind of had some extra research on hand from The Bird King, which was the novel that I published last year. I was doing all of this research about medieval monastic life and various different religious orders. I ended up using maybe 10% in the book... And I've also been chucking around in my brain a kind of space opera centering on a crew of people who work for a giant corporation that delivers consumer goods all over the solar system... So I was like, 'what if I just mash these two together and made it a really big epic in which the old ways and the new are very much in conflict.'"

Wilson also touches upon her time on Wonder Woman and other comics projects (including the new Sandman book) in the latest episode of SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel!