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The 2020 Game Awards: Power up with new looks at Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Evil Dead & more

By Justin Carter

The year is once again over, and that means we get to once again watch The Game Awards to see what big games of 2020 took home the gold. To mixed reactions, Naughty Dog's zombie simulator The Last of Us Part II cleaned up, including the win for Game of the Year. 

But in addition to being a popularity contest, the Game Awards are also nearly 3 hours of marketing, and that means hot new trailers for games that will probably come out within a handful of years (assuming they don't get delayed). While the awards show was hosted remotely, that didn't seem to stop the big reveals, which we've handily gathered below for your viewing pleasure. 

Dragon Age IV

Still without a proper title, the fourth installment in BioWare's fantasy RPG franchise released a CG trailer to set the mood. With the ever reliable Varric Tethras narrating, our new hero will travel the land of Thedas and eventually cross paths with the divisive Solas, aka your companion from Dragon Age: Inquisition who turned out to be a chaos god and ripped your arm off. You may be playing a new character this time around, but you probably don't hold grudges, right? 

And speaking of BioWare....

Mass Effect is back in action 

BioWare's other RPG series showed up at the Game Awards with a CG trailer of its own to promise it still lives and breathes, lighting up the fandom with a whole mess of questions. What is Liara doing on this snow planet? Where exactly are we? Whose N7 armor is that? 

Perfect Dark returns

Older fans of first person shooters and stealth games likely remember the Perfect Dark franchise. The series has been dormant since a 2010 remaster, but Microsoft revealed that they're bringing Carrington Institute agent Joanna Dark back for the Xbox Series consoles and PC. 

FIST makes you a bunny who packs a big punch 

Wanna be a rabbit? Wanna punch dudes real hard in a dystopia? Then you should get FIST, a game where you're a rabbit with a giant robot arm who can punch dudes real hard in a dystopia.   

Among Us goes airborne 

Among Us took off in a big way this year, largely thanks to being a fun social game to play during the pandemic. The developers have added a brand new map for you to accuse your friends in: an airship, complete with new tasks, ladders, and being able to choose your starting room. It's all set to debut in early 2021 for the lovely price of nothing. 

Fortnite and Halo cross paths 

Epic's hit battle royale game Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers, and its upcoming season has already revealed that the Mandalorian and God of War's Kratos are joining that murder island. Tonight, a new trailer revealed that Halo's Master Chief himself is now available to show up and do what he does best. 

An Evil Dead game? Groovy!

You read that right. Ash is leading a group of Deadites to survive the night in a brand new game with co-op and PvP. Hopefully it'll be a chainsawing good time when it arrives in 2021.

Sephiroth is invited to Smash

The mortal enemy of Cloud Strife and friends, the big bad of Final Fantasy VIIis slashing his way to the roster of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. And like other guest characters before him, Seph made his presence known by completely murdering beloved Nintendo mascot Mario. 

Sci-fi horror makes a frightening return 

Remember Dead Space, all the way back in the late aughts and early 2010s? Those were good times. The creators of that franchise are returning to their space scare roots with The Callisto Protocol, a survival horror game set in the far future universe of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. (Yes, seriously.) 

Vin Diesel goes dinosaur hunting in Ark II

Everyone's favorite criminal driver has decided to stop living life a quarter mile at a time and go prehistoric. A lengthy cinematic trailer for the upcoming Ark II shows Diesel and other warriors fighting dinosaurs and coming across a sci-fi pod. Somehow, that's not the weirdest thing this man has done.