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Gaming: Fortnite sets real in-game concert; PlayStation Plus drops PS3; How to Train Your Dragon RPG

By Benjamin Bullard
Fortnite via official website 2019

Fortnite events have become internet-spanning pop culture touchstones, with giant cubes, food fights, and even seismic shake-ups. But Epic Games may be taking its hands off the reins in a whole new way with the next big event that’s heading to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Concert tracker Bandsintown is showing that masked EDM DJ Marshmello is scheduled for a Feb. 2 concert at Pleasant Park, the typical American suburban town that resides in the northwest section of the Battle Royale map. The virtual show appears to be the first instance in which a planned Fortnite event will rely completely on a scenario, live as it’s happening, somewhere in the real world.

The show is set to kick off at 2 p.m. ET, and there’s already a concert stage erected at Pleasant Park’s football stadium that will see increasing activity leading up to showtime. Forbes speculates (based on a deep dive into fan-leaked details) that the concert may even be a “live fire” event, meaning players would be able to die and respawn while the beat goes on.

Even if you aren’t down for a bass-thumping EDM party, there’s already more than enough in Fortnite to keep you occupied far from the center of the action. Fortnite: Battle Royale is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

PlayStation Plus is shaking up its February lineup with its last-ever batch of free PS3 and PS Vita games before shifting the focus over to current-gen titles.

Sony reminded players of next month’s wind-down in a blog post, noting that the final round of free PS3 and PS Vita games will remain available through March 8, before rolling off the service for good.

“As a reminder, after March 8, 2019, PS3 and PS Vita games will no longer be offered as part of the PS Plus monthly games lineup — so be sure to download them while they’re available,” Sony said. “Any PS3 and PS Vita games you’ve already downloaded, or will download, prior to March 8, 2019 will still be part of your PS Plus games library as long as you remain a member.”

Next month’s PS Plus update also will debut a pretty cool new feature for connected players: a greatly expanded cloud storage capacity, with members receiving 100GB of storage instead of the 10 GB to which they’d become accustomed. “With cloud storage, you can save your game progress and character profiles on one PS4 system, and then continue the game on another system later without losing progress,” Sony’s helpful reminder states.

Just in time to dive firsthand into DreamWorks Animation’s new dragon adventure in theaters, NBCUniversal’s gaming wing is taking flight with DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising, a puzzle-based RPG for mobile platforms.

Players can rejoin Hiccup and Toothless to rescue Berk from the Dragonroot Company by solving a progressively more difficult series of puzzles, leveling up their powers on the way to becoming the ultimate champion. Dedicated players also will be treated to an unlockable scene from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World once they’ve progressed far enough into the campaign.

Check out the new preview trailer below, and then start swiping: DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising is available now for Android and iOS. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World swoops into U.S. theaters starting Feb. 22.