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Gaming: World War Z spills all the zombies; Overwatch has a Storm Rising; more

By Benjamin Bullard
A zombie meances in the World War Z video game

When you catch your first sight of just how many zombies burst forth from every nook and cranny in World War Z, the idea that Moscow, Tokyo, and other decimated cities could completely succumb to hordes of fast-moving undead suddenly starts making total sense.

In Saber Interactive’s new gameplay trailer for its upcoming co-op shooter, the zombies pour like water from the rafters; they cascade down grand staircases; and they get in your grill by closing distance at breakneck speed. The new footage marks our best look yet at a game that, despite its connection to the larger World War Z universe, has mostly remained mysterious through its development.

As daunting as that much rotting flesh appears, the game’s AI has been crafted to adjust to how well you’re faring against the hordes. If you’re acing all your shots, expect the AI to automatically dial up the difficulty. But if you can’t catch a break, World War Z might just play nice and throw you a couple.

The campaign is structured across four episodes consisting of three chapters apiece, and each episode takes place in one of four infested cities: New York, Tokyo, Moscow, or Jerusalem. In addition to a narrative campaign, World War Z also comes with a ton of player-versus-player battle modes, including “zombified twists on classics such as King of the Hill, Domination and Deathmatch, alongside the all-new Scavenge Raid and Vaccine Hunt modes,” according to Saber.

Each character class gets its own deep menu of customizable and RPG-style progression trees, allowing you to get good at wielding your favorite zombie-slaying weapon type while padding your base stats. And just like the zombies themselves, the game’s closing in fast: World War Z descends on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC beginning April 16.

Overwatch is diving back into the deep end of its lore-verse, and it’s bringing a hurricane with it. Starting next week, Overwatch: Storm Rising will transport players to the tropics for a month-long event that puts a wind-whipped countdown timer on exclusive loot, gameplay modes, and story content.

Following on the heels of last year’s Overwatch Archive: Retribution and 2017’s Uprising, Storm Rising will put players on the hunt for Maximilien, the number-crunching Omnic who’s been propping up Doomfist, the cybernetic Talon council bad bot the team’s really been after all along. Based on Blizzard’s cryptic newspaper clipping that sets up the story, it appears Category 3 Hurricane Ferdinand will be bearing down on Cuba — just as your four-person team decides to swoop in.

A transmission assigning the mission went up on Overwatch’s Twitter account ahead of Storm Rising, and it lays out the attack plan: Tracer’s taking point, and she’s bringing Mercy, Winston, and Genji with her.

Like the other Archive events, Storm Rising covers a previously untold slice of the past in Overwatch’s dense lore. But unlike past Archives, which merely mention Maximilien’s role, we’re guessing our heroes will actually get to go up against him firsthand when Overwatch: Storm Rising debuts for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on April 16.

For all those times when you’re waiting out another battery recharge at a Tesla juicing station, now there’re even more in-car diversions to keep you snugly in your seat.

Tesla’s retro gaming game is only getting stronger thanks to the new addition of yet another old-school game in its latest software update: Atari classic Super Breakout, an almost Pong-simple blast from the past whose only goal is to bounce your way through wall after wall of bricks — one little brick at a time.

Via Variety, Super Breakout and indie numbers puzzler 2048 are new additions in a growing Tesla gaming lineup that already lets you play arcade-era classics like Centipede, Missile Command, and Asteroids on the center console screen (yes, you must be parked) from the comfort of your cockpit. The update arrives this week, and it’s completely free — so long as you’ve already plunked down the dough for a Tesla Model 3, Model S, or Model X.