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SYFY WIRE Gemini Man

Gemini Man's first trailer brings not one, but two Will Smiths back to sci-fi

By Jacob Oller
Will Smith older Gemini Man

After spending longer in development than star Will Smith’s career spent spinning its wheels, Gemini Man is finally ready to prove it’s really happening. The film — which will be the Men in Black and I, Robot actor's first foray back into science fiction since 2013's flop After Earth — features Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen, and Benedict Wong in a story about an assassin who’s being tracked by his younger self.

Smith got de-aged thanks to the technological advances coming from the team under director Ang Lee, allowing Smith to play both the 20s and 50s versions of Henry Brogan. And now, with its first trailer hitting the internet today, we know what it looks like in motion.

Take a look:

Of course they went with “Forever Young.” The movie, co-written by Game of Thrones co-showrunner David Benioff, seems to hint that the two Smiths will team up against whatever shadowy agency created the younger clone in the first place. As the 25-year-old Smith says, on the brink of tears, “You made a person out of another person, then you sent me to kill him. You made a choice to do this to me.”

There’re plenty of drones and tanks in this near-future, but the motorcycle action and explosions look just as good as contemporary films like the Mission: Impossible series. And who’d be surprised if one of those films ended up with a Tom Cruise clone? It likely wouldn’t look as good as the Smith clone, though, which — in the trailer at least — does a remarkable job of taking fans back to the actor’s younger days without any trace of uncanniness. But wait until they’re punching each other. Fans can also check them out side by side on the film's first poster:

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Get ready for Mr. and Mr. Smith when Gemini Man hits theaters on Oct. 11.