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George Romero's unreleased film 'The Amusement Park' may finally see light of day almost 50 years later

By Jacob Oller
The Amusement Park

A George A. Romero film that's never been made available to the public may soon see the light of day after almost 50 years lurking in the shadows. The godfather of the zombie film, Romero tackled plenty of socially satirical subject matter over the course of his career, but 1974's The Amusement Park took the horror master to a new locale. Now, thanks to Yellow Veil Pictures, casual genre fans and diehard Romero completionists may get to see how the filmmaker approaches one of the greatest boogeymen of human life: old age.

The Amusement Park was "commissioned by the Lutheran Society to raise awareness about ageism and elder abuse," according to a release from Yellow Veil, which notes that the film then allowed Romero the chance to go buckwild with allegory and terror. Lincoln Maazel (Romero's Martin) stars as an old man whose disorientation, distance, and disaffection from society are made clear and visual through an experience at an amusement park.

The George A. Romero Foundation, Suzanne Romero, and IndieCollect helped restore this mostly unseen film that's rested dormant for 46 years. “We couldn't be more excited to team up with the George A. Romero Foundation to bring this horrifying lost film to audiences," said Yellow Veil Pictures Co-Founder Justin Timms. "George's work here, as always, is an unnerving criticism of American society, this time embodied through a relentless amusement park.”

The company is now seeking distribution at the Cannes virtual market, which may mean that the film could make its way to moviegoers around the world. Sure, Disney World is scary enough right now, but what about The Night of the Living Dead World?