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SYFY WIRE Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters leads spooky new lineup of paranormal shows set to haunt A&E

By Benjamin Bullard
Investigating paranormal activity on Ghost Hunters

Look out, you ghouls. Ghost Hunters' Grant Wilson has assembled a new paranormal detective team, and they’re about to document a fresh series of spooky searches when the iconic series returns to TV this summer as part of A&E’s big new push into the realms of the unknown.

Via Deadline, Ghost Hunters will stalk onto A&E after a half-decade hiatus from its old haunts at SYFY, where the original show aired for 11 seasons. The venerable docu-series is only the biggest name among a whole crypt full of new supernatural show debuts the network announced this week.

Wilson, whom fans know has been with Ghost Hunters right from the start, will reportedly form the core of the new group as the new crew lugs all that super-sensitive spirit-sussing equipment from one destination to the next. A&E teased the show’s return with a new preview clip that suggests there’re still plenty of unexplored mysteries totally ripe for the Ghost Hunters brand of scrutiny:

“Engaging forensic experts, historical records and the most innovative technology available, the new squad will help everyday people who are struggling with unexplained supernatural phenomena,” A&E teases. ”The team is committed to discovering the truth to give relief to those plagued by paranormal activity and will follow the evidence they uncover wherever it may lead.”

Ghost Hunters is set to debut on Aug. 21 at 9 p.m. ET, but it’s only the tip of the deep, dark paranormal iceberg that A&E is mining for scares with its spectral new lineup. The network also announced four new or reimagined series — including series reboots for Psychic Kids (which will air immediately after Ghost Hunters) and Celebrity Ghost Stories (premiering this fall). Also in the lineup are Trey the Texas Medium and World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt — a pair of new, tentatively named shows that take viewers on new voyages to get to the bottom of the things that go bump in the night.

Trey the Texas Medium reportedly will run as a 12-episode series and focus on Texas businessman Trey Ganem, “who creates one of a kind, custom caskets, and while refining his skills as a master carpenter, cultivated his deeper talent of mediumship,” reports Deadline. World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt will reportedly be a standalone event that locks five paranormal hunters inside Pennsylvania’s Pennhurst Asylum — and then chronicles their creepy findings in A&E’s two-hour special. Both shows are slated to debut on A&E sometime this fall.

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