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SYFY WIRE Good Omens

Pray tell! Good Omens and Satanic nuns release hell of a music video

By Andrea Ayres
Good Omens Brand New Baby Smell music video

How does the baby Antichrist smell? Like a smoky scented newborn or like an abyss, it's hard to say having never smelled the Spawn of Satan before. But, the Chattering Order of St Beryl, an a capella group of Satanic nuns, has released their first music video "Brand New Baby Smell" to help celebrate the coming Lord of Darkness in honor of Amazon Prime's Good Omens series.

These nuns have made the difficult jump from the pages of Good Omens to celebrate the coming Apocalypse. As one might expect, being an evil nun isn't always easy. One might even mess up a teensy-weensy little thing, like the placement of the baby antichrist whose supposed to be bringing about Armageddon. When these dulcet-toned ladies aren't bickering or chattering, they are probably singing and playing table tennis. The gospel tune may have you singing the Prince of Darkness' praises. 

The Chattering Order of St. Beryl invoke Queen in Brand New Baby Smell music video

Watch for yourself and keep an eye out for special guest Neil Gaiman: 

Who would have thought Satanic worship could be so catchy? "Brand New Baby Smell" is filled with Good Omens clues and Easter eggs. We recommend watching it a few times to catch them all. The video also reveals the Twitter crowd-sourced name for the Order's goat. We also recommend checking out The Order's website for a glorious '90s throwback and to get the latest table tennis rankings. “Brand New Baby Smell” was written and directed by Hal Kirkland and arranged by Deke Sharon of the Pitch Perfect films.  

Amazon's Good Omens is based on the popular Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman novel of the same name. Gaiman helped lead the charge in making this adaptation possible by authoring all six episodes and joining on as showrunner. Gaiman spoke about the challenging journey of bringing Good Omens to the screen with SYFY Wire at SXSW "So the process was slow for a lot of years."

The highly anticipated series stars Michael Sheen (Underworld), David Tennant (Doctor Who), Jon Hamm (Black Mirror), and Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation). Sheen plays the angelic Aziraphale and Tennant stars as the demon Crowley. This unlikely duo team up to try and stop the end of days.

Good Omens premiers on Amazon Prime May 31.