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SYFY WIRE Doctor Who

Former 'Doctor Who' stars reveal the stuff they snagged from set in exclusive 'Graham Norton' clip

By Ryan Britt
mickey smith noel clarke

It doesn't matter which Doctor you traveled with through space and time in the TARDIS, you're always going to want to bring something home. In an exclusive clip from an upcoming episode of The Graham Norton Show, two Doctor Who guest stars — from very different eras — share exactly what it was they took from the set. Actors Noel Clarke and Keeley Hawes both talked about their time on Doctor Who, and, which geeky goodies they took.

Clarke, somewhat famously, played Mickey Smith in the first era of contemporary Doctor Who and traveled with Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor and David Tennant's 10th Doctor. We last saw Mickey Smith in the 2010 Tennant swan-song "The End of Time," but, he also wrote an episode of Torchwood! Meanwhile, several Doctors later, Kelley Hawes starred in the tragically underrated 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) episode "Time Heist" in which she played Madame Karabraxos, a woman with several clones of herself who hires the Doctor to rob her own bank. 

In the clip from The Graham Norton Show, Norton quizzes his two guests about their respective times on Doctor Who and asks them what they took from the set. Clarke's answer is hilariously cyber-related, while Hawes' nabbed a set-piece related to her character's awesome name.

Watch the exclusive Graham Norton Show clip below.

With the possibility of an impending Doctor Who 60th anniversary special (maybe airing in 2023?), it's a good time to keep track of all these former Who guest stars. You never know if the Doctor may call on them again!

As far as a new season of Doctor Who is concerned, there's no word yet on exactly when it will premiere — though production is underway and its expected to arrive at some point this year. There are also rumblings it might be Jodie Whittaker's final season in the TARDIS, but that's all just rumor at this point.

The full episode of The Graham Norton Show featuring Noel Clarke and Keeley Hawes will air on BBC America on Friday, January 22 at 11 PM EST.