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Gremlins unwraps a kid-friendly makeover in Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas illustrated book

By Josh Weiss
Gremlins: Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas

A merry Gizmo to all, and to all a good night... It's long been accepted that Joe Dante's Gremlins is a bona fide Christmas movie, so it only makes sense that the horror-comedy antics of the 1984 classic would fit nicely into the context of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" song.

Well, Andrea Robinson (God of War: Boy is for Boy) and JJ Harrison (Back to the Future: Race Through Time) thought the same thing when they made Gremlins: Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas. Going on sale from Insight Editions next week, the illustrated book puts a kid-friendly twist on the yuletide mayhem caused by Stripe and his mischievous cohorts.

"When Insight Editions reached out with the idea, I jumped at the chance to view a favorite movie through a new frame. As it turned out, the Gremlins cause enough mayhem to fill 12 days of Christmas and then some," Robinson said in an exclusive statement to SYFY WIRE.

Digging through the various curios of Mr. Wing's antique shop, SYFY WIRE found three exclusive interior spreads from the publication that highlight several key moments from the source film. We've got the Gremlins hatching from their cocoons; the severed Gremlin head flying into the fireplace after the attack on Mrs. Peltzer; and three Gremlins pretending to be Christmas carolers, while a group of them drives a snow plow in the background (presumably headed for Murray Futterman's house). You can check them out below, but just remember the three cardinal rules!

Gremlins Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas
Gremlins Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas
Gremlins Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas
Gremlins: Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas

"There’s no reference to politics or the outside world, it’s all self-contained in this small town," Zach Galligan (who played Billy Peltzer) told SYFY WIRE over the summer when asked about the enduring nature of the first movie. "There’s no references, really, to anything except It’s A Wonderful Life, which is still a classic movie. There are maybe two or three references — you see me on a payphone — there are a couple of anachronistic things in it. But really, it’s pretty self-contained, it works."

Gremlins: Gizmo's 12 Days of Christmas hatches onto shelves next Tuesday, Oct. 27. You can pre-order a copy on Amazon for $16.99 right here.