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Man and robot break world record for most ping pong balls hit with nunchucks in 1 minute

By Adam Pockross
Bruce Lee in Enter The Dragon

If it was just a guy playing ping-pong with a robot, it would be enough. But when you throw nunchaku, aka nunchucks, into the mix, that’s when things go beyond special and into the Guinness realm.

Indeed, Guinness has made it official: China's Xie Desheng is now (and again) the Guinness World Record holder for “Most Tennis Table Balls Hit With a Nunchaku in One Minute.” In the beyond impressive video below, courtesy of Guinness’ Facebook page yesterday, you can not so clearly see (unless you slow it down a LOT) Xie crush 35 ping-pong balls served up by the most important robot of our times.  

When it comes to ping pong with nunchaku, China's Xie Desheng is unstoppable 🏓🥋

Posted by Guinness World Records on Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Xie, nunchuck teacher in Shanghai who’s won martial arts events worldwide (according to UPI), apparently broke his own record of 34 balls nunchucked this past November. If you don't think this new record is the most impressive nunchuck display since Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, then perhaps you’d like to stick around for some of Xie’s other records.

On top of the 35 ping-pong balls (and the robot!), the video also documents Xie’s other amazing nunchaku records. Just try to maintain your calm, cool, unimpressed veneer as you behold the nunchaku master extinguish a record 70 candles in less than a minute. Who even knows how long it took to light so many candles? But we know how little time and how much nunchaku awesomeness it took to unlight them, and not one candle falls off its holder… now if we could just incorporate a robot somewhere in there.

But for his final feat, Xie really gets creative (albeit without a robot) by breaking the world record (and a bunch of glass) for Most Playing Cards Removed Between Two Balanced Bottles With a Nunchaku in One Minute. While 14 might not sound like a very impressive number, think about this: how many playing cards have you nunchucked out of two balanced bottles? 

It’s probably safe to say that there are a number of lessons to derive from Xie’s unparalleled feats: 1) Nunchucks remain awesome. 2) Nunchucks with robots are even more awesome. 3) If you can dream up something that n0one else is doing, odds are pretty good you too can have a Guinness World Record… though you should probably avoid trying anything nunchuck related, as Xie seems to have a monopoly on that.