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SYFY WIRE Halloween

The best Halloween collectibles, costumes, and games to get you into the spooky spirit

SYFY WIRE has a bucket full of Halloween treats that will get you into the mood for the spooky season.

By Tara Bennett
Halloween Merch 2022 Header

With Halloween quickly creeping closer on the calendar, it's easy to forget to take a moment to breathe in the chilly air and be one with the spooky vibes descending upon us this October. If you're just not feeling the mood yet, or need to augment your already sizable Halloween display area, SYFY WIRE has curated a list of unique items and games that can quickly get you into the right ghoulish mood. 

From collectibles to costume add-on ideas, decorations to board games to play this month, or maybe after that marathon night of trick-or-treating that can close the night right, there's something to inspire everyone's Halloween to level up.


What If...? Captain America Rises from the Dead

Captain America Rises from the Dead

Marvel Zombies have long been a thing in the comics world but the Marvel Studios animated series, What If...? introduced the concept to a bigger mainstream audience. Just in time for Halloween, Diamond Select Toys has released their exclusive Zombie Captain America vinyl diorama out in the wild. Imagine this guy protecting the candy bowl. We're here for it and we imagine him lumbering to the door in all his hideous glory. Available only at ShopDisney.

Chucky Deluxe Figure

Chucky Deluxe

Season 2 of SYFY and USA Network's Chucky series is already knee-deep into its shenanigans, so perhaps you need a friend to watch it with every week? Mezco Collectibles has a Deluxe Chucky figure which included four different interchangeable heads, including a "Good Guy" doll version for those nights when you need a pal instead of a scare. There are also four different murderous accessories and a display base. And if you want to get really industrious, you can make your own Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord diorama to house the little murderer all year long!

Michael Myers Chia Pet

Michael Myers Chia Pet

What's the best to honor the Slasher King of Halloween, Michael Myers? If you're Laurie Strode, she'd most definitely say shave him bald and then plant Chia seeds on his head. No? Ok, maybe not but Chia Pet has truly outdone itself with this growable bust of the Halloween franchise's Big Bad. If you grab him now and start watering, there's a good chance he'll at least have grown some sprouts to celebrate by October 31. 

Frankenstein’s Monster & Bride of Frankenstein Monster High Skullector Doll Set

Frankenstein’s Monster & The Bride of Frankenstein

What a gorgeous couple for the season! Mattel's super popular Monster High doll series goes very old school this year with their set inspired by Universal Pictures’ 1935 horror film, The Bride of Frankenstein. The limited edition set comes with both dolls who are dressed in costumes that are screen accurate. The collectible box also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. They are sold out at the site but available in secondary markets.

David S. Pumpkins "Any Questions?" Throw

Any Questions Throw

2022 marks six years since Saturday Night Live introduced Tom Hanks as David S. Pumpkins into our lives. The weird star of the "100 Floors of Frights" attraction is now a permanent part of the Halloween season and you can remind everyone of his power with some official swag, including this very large throw that is way more subtle than Pumpkin's clothes or his skeleton dancers. And yes, we still have questions.

Costume Add-Ons

LoungeFly Scooby Doo Monster Chase

LoungeFly Scooby Doo Monster Chase

Not everyone wants to go full-costume on Halloween, but you can certainly choose some seasonal appropriate accessories to dress up for the big night. And what better way to fit in than quasi-joining the Scoobies and Mystery Inc. with the new Loungefly glow-in-the-dark Scooby-Doo backpack or wallet? A 2022 WBShop exclusive includes adjustable straps, side pockets, vegan leather (polyurethane), and lots of glowy highlights around the pieces. 

E.T. 40th Anniversary BMX Bike

ET 40th BMX Bike

This year is the 40th anniversary of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial so if there was ever a year to go big or go home in celebrating the cinematic classic, it's this one. Time to zip up your Elliott Taylor-inspired red hoodie and invest in the Kuwahara 40th Anniversary E.T. limited edition BMX Bikes which is a reproduction of the bikes used in the climactic scene in the movie. Sold at bike shops around the country, unless you saved your original BMX from 1982, this is the closest way to recapture your love of the movie and middle school biking glory. 

Batman Costume for small pets

Batman Costume for Small Pets

If you're not up for wearing a Halloween costume, maybe your pet is? Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC don't want your small, fuzzy friends to miss out on the neighborhood walkies fun Halloween night, so they've shrunk some of their superhero costumes to critter size. Batman, Wonder Woman, and others are part of this year's selection of super options. Don't be surprised if your pet shows up on Halloween doorsteps and earns more candy than your kids. 

Halloween-centric Board Games

Dungeons, Dice & Danger

Dungeons, Dice & Danger

Is there a holiday better suited to getting your friends and family into D&D than Halloween? We think not. And an easy entry point into the world is the dice game Dungeons, Dice and Danger from Ravensburger/Alea games. Go on four-level adventures that gives players the taste of a campaign without the long-term commitment of a full-out D&D game. The game is easy to figure out with great illustrations along the way.

Disney’s Haunted Mansion Game

Disney's Haunted Mansion Game

Perhaps the greatest Halloween adjacent theme park ride that is now synonymous with the season, Disney's Haunted Mansion now has its own board game thanks to FunkoGames. The board game, which is For ages 9+ and for two to six players, is easy to get into and only takes about 30 minutes so it's a family play. What's also fun is that if you have a special fondness for The Haunted Mansion ride at either Disney theme park, you can get a special edition version of the game tied to each specific park. 

Star Wars (Power of the Dark Side) Villainous 

Star Wars™ (Power of the Dark Side) Villainous

Halloween is by definition the season to explore the Dark Side, so Ravensburger Star Wars Power of the Dark Side Villainous board game lets us celebrate the baddies of the universe in peace. For ages 10+, the strategy game uses uses the existing award-winning Villainous game system and skins it with all things Star Wars Dark Side and Sith characters.

The Munsters on Blu-Ray


Last but not least, Rob Zombie's new take on The Munsters is a prequel that tells us how the Universal Monsters family got to suburbia. A family-friendly adventure, it's now available on Blu-ray with tons of special features and on Netflix.