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SYFY WIRE Halloween Ends

Why 'Halloween Ends' director David Gordon Green had that new character do what he does

Halloween Ends director David Gordon Green explains why the final film in the trilogy adds a new major character in addition to Michael Myers and Laurie Strode. 

By Vanessa Armstrong
A still image from Halloween Ends (2022)

Halloween Ends, now out in theaters and streaming on Peacock, is the final showdown between Jaime Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode and the iconic masked killer Michael Myers. However, they're not the only major characters in the last movie of David Gordon Green’s slasher trilogy. In an unexpected twist, a new character, Corey (Rohan Campbell) plays a major role in Laurie and Michael's story.

In an interview with SYFY WIRE, Green explained why he introduced Corey in Halloween Ends.

**Warning: There are spoilers for Halloween Ends below.**

A still image from Halloween Ends (2022)

Halloween Ends opens in 2019 (one year after the events of Halloween and Halloween Kills), where Corey is babysitting when he's involved in a tragedy that ends in the accidental death of the child he was taking care of. When the movie then jumps to 2022, Corey has become a pariah in the town, unable to escape the shadow of what happened that fateful Halloween night. Over the course of the film, he gets romantically involved with Laurie Strode’s (Jamie Lee Curtis) granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) and has a run-in with a bedraggled Michael Myers that makes Corey just as murderous as Michael while also reinvigorating the murderer who has been after Laurie for decades.

Green told SYFY WIRE that the decision to introduce Corey and have him go on this villain’s journey in part stemmed from the desire to explore what makes someone become evil without using Michael to do so. 

“You can’t really get too in-depth with the Michael Myers character,” Green said. “We made a commitment to ourselves to honor the existing mythology that John Carpenter and Debra Hill created and not go into too much about backstory and justification for why he does what he does. I don’t want those explanations and those motives, and yet I’m super curious about the manifestation of evil.”

Green could explore those themes, however, with a new character like Corey.

“The idea was to bring in a new character to start to explain some of these seeds, that could answer some of the curiosities that we’ve had about Michael over the years and follow some of the instincts and intuitions that Laurie has cultivated over the years, and really watch … how the community of Haddonfield, which has devolved from the tragedies of 2018 into negativity, and paranoia, and blame, and how that can affect a vulnerable individual,” Green explained.

You can see Corey’s downfall yourself by watching Halloween Ends in theaters or on Peacock