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Resident Alien Boss Says Harry's Wild Blue Avian Encounter "Was One of the Best Things We've Done"

Squawk! Squawk! Squawk!

By Josh Weiss

Pesky process serves are not exclusive to Earth, as we learned in this week's episode of Resident Alien Season 3, "141 Seconds," which saw Harry (Alan Tudyk) subpoenaed by a Blue Avian representative (Violent Night's Edi Patterson) of the Galactic Federation. Turns out our friendly neighborhood extraterrestrial visitor broke galactic law when he reneged on his promise to the Greys that he'd vacate our planet.

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While the appearance of an 8-foot-tall talking bird is one of the most terrifying visuals the acclaimed SYFY series has ever given us, the scene smartly aims for laughs instead of horror. This is not some bloodthirsty monster — she's just an exasperated servant of the court looking for quick signature, so she can get the hell off this damn rock.

"It was one of the best things we’ve done in the series with these two characters together,” creator, showrunner, and executive producer Chris Sheridan said in a post-mortem interview with TVLine.

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How Resident Alien Season 3 Cast That Wild Bird Alien

Harry Vanderspeigle looks at a strange bird creature in Resident Alien Episode 303.

Just like Firefly alum Nathan Fillion landing the role of 42, Patterson was recommended to play the Blue Avian by Mr. Tudyk himself, who had done some improv work with her a few years back. 

“He had said that she was one of the funniest people he had ever worked with, so that sort of sold that,” Sheridan explained. “That’s high praise coming from Alan. So I reached out to her and she was really kind and so funny. And the thing that locked it for me was at the end of the call, she said, very politely, ‘We don’t have to, but is there any chance that I could do some improv?’ I’m like, ‘You’d better do improv!’"

“In improv, you’re basically throwing the ball back and forth with ideas, and she’s got a great pitching arm," added Tudyk, hinting at what audiences can expect from the two characters as the season moves forward. "She’s incredible.”

How to Watch SYFY's Resident Alien TV Show

Harry Vanderspeigle points to pamplets as Mayor Ben Hawthorne looks on in Resident Alien Episode 303.

Resident Alien is currently in the midst of its third season, with new episodes airing on Wednesdays at 10/9c on SYFY, and streaming next day on Peacock.

The first two seasons of Resident Alien can be found on Peacock as well. The NBCUniversal platform currently offers two monthly subscription plans: Premium ($5.99 a month with ads) and Premium Plus ($11.99 a month with no ads and download access for certain titles). If you're a student, you can enjoy the Premium plan for just $1.99 for an entire year!

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