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SYFY WIRE Thomas Jane

Hunter’s Moon: Thomas Jane’s monster thriller has fast and furry F-bombs in this exclusive clip

By Jacob Oller
Thomas Jane Hunter's Moon

Hunter's Moon, from writer/director Michael Caissie, has all the wonderful tropes of a video-store horror schlockfest wrapped into one movie: home invasion, a bunch of endangered teen girls, a gruff cop, and — of course — a terrifying monster lurking out in the darkness. What's not to like? It also helps that genre standby Thomas Jane (The Expanse) is leading the proceedings as the cop in question, out to protect the partygoers from bad boys and, perhaps, a sadistic werewolf.

It's hard not to have fun with a premise like that, as you can see in SYFY WIRE's exclusive clip below, showing just how intense things get when a creature of the night is prowling around.

Check it out (be careful of some NSFW language though):

Not only is there a monster outside, but Jane's stuck with these two schmucks. And the monster is smart enough to screw with their heads. "It's f***ing with us," Jane's character whispers, before mocking the two dolts he needs to protect. What's worse is, they're all stuck in a gasoline-soaked house while the F-bombs fly ... oh and now the monster's inside the house. Things are not looking good. But in a fun way!

Jay Mohr, Sean Patrick Flanery, Katrina Bowden, Amanda Wyss, and India Ennenga round out the cast for Caissie’s feature debut when Hunter's Moon arrives on DVD, Digital, and On Demand on Mar. 24 from Lionsgate.