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Robots run the world in first trailer for Netflix's new sci-fi thriller I Am Mother

By Jacob Oller
I Am Mother hed

Happy Mother’s Day from the world of science fiction and the biggest streaming service on the planet. Netflix has just dropped a trailer for its AI-themed thriller I Am Mother and there’s something very, very strange about the relationship between Daughter (Clara Rugaard) and her robotic Mother (Rose Byrne).

The post-extinction movie is about Mother raising the teen girl as a way to repopulate Earth...or at least, that’s what she says. When a character played by Hilary Swank shows up, a whole lot of questions get raised about what’s really happening on Earth and what this robo-mom is up to.

Take a look:

Those apocalyptic effects look almost as good as that robot. Mother looks like if Chappie was likable. Too bad she’s almost certainly evil.

Netflix snapped up the film after its premiere at Sundance, apparently missing the irony of the algorithm-driven service buying a film about a droid takeover. But the film looks like a fun, female-centric twist on the Terminator story and it’s got the bonafides to back it up.

The film boasts a script by genre workhorse Michael Lloyd Green, which is based on a story by Green and director Grant Sputore. You can also check out the poster below:

I Am Mother poster

I Am Mother hits Netflix on June 7.